Jersey Matchmakers | 5 Dating Green Flags He Should Display


Most of us can share a few red flags we wished we’d noticed while dating someone from our past. However, because we are super positive here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we are going to talk about dating green flags. What? What’s a dating green flag? Simple, they indicate that your new love interest is a keeper.

Are you trying to figure out if your new guy is worth your time? Want to know if he’s a keeper? Read on as our Jersey matchmakers reveal dating green flags that will let you know.

  1. Great Hygiene

Someone with good hygiene will likely smell better than the average guy, be well-groomed, well-dressed, and have a great hair style. Furthermore, they will, more often than not, be in good shape. Their risk of heart disease, infections, and other dangerous conditions will be a lot slimmer than a guy who doesn’t care for himself.

So, if you’re looking for someone for a long-term relationship, make sure that your partner has good hygiene and maintains his health.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Somebody with great communication skills will make consistent, direct eye contact with you while engaging you in conversation. He will also nod his head, make verbal sounds and ask questions about the subject you’re talking about.

Why is this important for dating? Well, communication is key to start the connection. If your romantic interest has bad communication skills, you will have a tough time getting to know each other and keeping things interesting.

  1. Engaging Conversationalist

Speaking of communication, if your new love interest is an engaging conversationalist, that is a huge green flag for you. Not only will the dates with him be fun, but the conversation will be deep and interesting.

When someone asks you interesting questions, this will make for a more enjoyable time together. It allows you to have fun while bonding and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

  1. Goals for the Future

Someone who has goals for the future typically has their life together. If you’re looking for something long-lasting, this is a great green flag to watch out for when you meet a guy. Obvious signs of a goal-oriented guy include a steady career, good income, saving capacity, and drive.

Aside from having a partner in crime – someone you can trust to be in it for the long haul – people with long-term goals tend to be more trustworthy and reliable. And we all know that trust and reliability play important roles in a happy and healthy relationship.

  1. Similar Interests

During the time in which you’re just starting to get to know someone new, it helps to have similar interests. For instance, if you both enjoy working out, this may be a nice activity that will help you guys bond together.

Similarly for people who enjoy movies, live music, reading, writing or cooking. These fun activities will provide you with something you can do together as a couple. These will help bypass that awkward getting to know each other stage of a new relationship. Plus, it also serves as a great conversation icebreaker.

So tell us, do you think this guy is worth your time? Could he be your next – and hopefully last – boyfriend?

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