Jersey Matchmakers | Tips to Save a Relationship After a Fight

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Our Jersey matchmakers know that getting into a fight from time to time is a totally normal but unfortunate part of being in a relationship with someone. Anyone who is or has ever been in a relationship with another person will know that sometimes, you just get into a fight or disagreement. There is really no way around it. Some fights are smaller and more insignificant than others. But our Jersey matchmakers know that after huge fight, it can seem tough to get over it – and even harder to get your relationship back to everything it used to be.

Today, our dating and relationship experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you pro tips to save your relationship after you’ve had a huge fight.

  1. Stop dragging things out.

The first that a couple needs to do in order to get past a fight is to stop having it. It may seem difficult to move on after a fight when you know that you have more to say and that you just have to – or want to – let it all out. But forget it.

There comes a time in any fight that it’s no longer productive to keep fighting. Being in the middle of a heated argument isn’t healthy and won’t solve anything. If your fight is going nowhere, you have to end it. Don’t drag it out and continue to let the heat and tension get to you. Don’t let your anger make you say things you don’t mean – things you can never take back.

You shouldn’t sweet things under the rug, because that will only cause resentment. And let’s face it, that won’t solve anything between you. however, you can absolutely agree to disagree if it’s something insignificant or simply take a little breather to let things cool down. It’s better to clear your heads and come back to it after each of you has had time to calm down and think clearly.

  1. Clear your heart.

After stepping away from the situation, it’s time to get the fight off your mind for a little while. Constantly focusing on the fight is only going to make things worse and cause hurt feelings as you continue to reflect on the fight.

Do something productive by yourself or with a group of friends to take your mind off the fight. Go for a quick run around the neighborhood, invite your best friends over, or treat yourself to a spa night at home. Do anything you can to remove yourself from the negative situation and reframe your heart and mind.

  1. Wait until you’re ready.

Although talking to your partner and fixing things after a fight is best done quickly, that doesn’t mean that you should go take a shower and come back two hours later. You don’t have to rush back into talking about the situation. If you’re not 100% ready to talk about it and move on, you’re just going to relive the fight. And take it from us, this might actually make things worse between you. Don’t reach out again or answer their calls or texts if you don’t feel right mentally or emotionally.

  1. Don’t hold onto the fight.

When you and your partner come back together after a huge fight, make sure you’re not still holding onto the fight. While it’s definitely important to discuss the root of the problem in order to fix it for good, don’t just bring the point up again and start fighting all over. Once you resolve an issue with your partner, it’s important you let it go. Don’t be that partner who constantly goes backwards in time and rehashes past issues. This will only lead to your relationship’s demise.

Fighting isn’t easy, and it can certainly get ugly from time to time. To ensure the health and success of your relationship, you need to know how to resolve conflict in a mature and timely manner.

It’s not easy to get over hurt feelings after a fight, but it’s important to be calm and collected in order to talk to your partner and keep your love alive.

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