Cherry Hill Matchmakers | 4 Red Flag Text Messages from Men

Smartphone obsession causing problems

Most singles in New Jersey use texting as a way of flirting and getting to know someone they’re interested in dating. And we’re sure you do the same. But as Cherry Hill matchmakers with over 30 years in the NJ dating industry, we know that there’s a lot more you can learn from someone’s text messages other than how their day went. That’s right, text messages can tell you a lot more than what the person on the other end is blatantly stating.

Want to read between the lines of his text messages? It’s easy to do. A guy’s text messages can give you a lot of clues about his true personality, his relationship style, and even his real agenda.

Men think they’re being sly about their messages, but we see right through them. That’s because so many guys send us the same type of messages over and over again. We know what they’re up to.

We’d think that in 2019 most men would have wised up by now and improved their texting game.

Today, our Cherry Hill matchmakers are going to show you text messages from men that are huge red flags in dating.

  1. The Impatient “You’re probably too busy” Text

If he can’t wait for your response before he sends you another message, he’s not worthy of your time. This is the kind of text message that usually comes from the “nice guy” – a guy who puts on a kind, gentle, and patient attitude that hopes will get him some action with you.

When nice guys get friend-zoned, however, their attitude quickly changes and show that they had an agenda all along. There’s no reason for guys to get mad if you take a little while to respond. Don’t over this type of text message or condescending attitude.

  1. The Late Night “Are you up” Text

Picture this: you haven’t heard from a guy in a few weeks and out of the blue, at around 1:00 am, your phone lights up. You don’t need to be a genius to know what he wants with you at this time of night.

A guy breaking the silence to text you in the middle of the night has only one thing on his mind. Can you say, booty call?

  1. The Lame “I am so bored” Text

Whether you recognize it or not, if he’s telling you that he’s bored, it’s a huge red flag. It’s not your full time job to keep him busy. More importantly, a guy who thinks of you only when he’s bored clearly doesn’t see you as a priority in his life.

Don’t you want to be with someone who texts you about exciting things happening in his life? You don’t want to date a guy who has nothing exciting going on in his life. Quite frankly, he sounds like a loser who is going to suffocate you in a relationship. You want to date someone who has hobbies, friends, and activities in life.

  1. The “Just checking up on you” Text

Why? Why does he feel the need to check up on you? Unless you’re in some sort of life-changing emotional crisis, there’s no reason to check up on you.

This text is a red flag that you should take very seriously. Needing to know where you are at all times of the day is extremely toxic. He should trust you to be completely independent when you’re apart instead of needing you to constantly keep him in the loop of things. If he’s already “checking up on you” in the early stages of dating, can you imagine how he’s going to act down the road when you’re actually in a relationship?

Ladies, don’t overlook the things a simple text message can tell you. It’s time to start examining what a guy’s text messages are actually saying.

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