Cherry Hill Dating Service | 6 Rock Solid Relationship Goals

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With spring in the air, you might be in “spring cleaning” mode and excited to declutter, dust, organize, and just freshen things up around your home. But what about your relationship? Are you dedicating time and efforts to caring for your partner and your loving relationship? Are you focusing energy on improving your bond with your partner?

As a Cherry Hill dating service with over 30 years in the business of love, we know it’s just as important to designate time to spring clean your relationship and make room for new goals. Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we have six rock solid relationship goals that will make you and your partner stronger and happier than ever.

  1. Nix the cell phones during QT together.

Declutter your relationship by ditching your cell phones when you’re spending quality time together. Limiting the use of your cell phones and other devices while your together will ensure you’re actually giving each other your undivided attention. Whether you’re out on a dinner date or simply eating dinner at home, don’t touch your cell phones. Believe us, this is a simple and easy way to connect with each other and deepen your bond.

  1. Have fun in the kitchen.

Since we’re all about spending more time together, what better way to do that than by doing everyday things, like cooking, with one another? Whether you make a romantic three-course dinner and dessert, your favorite snacks, or just dessert, this is a surefire way to reconnect. And with spring among us, why not head outside for some fresh air? Grab your favorite cuts of meat and take it outdoors to unwind after work.

  1. Go on more dates.

Speaking of dinner, when’s the last time you went out on a real dinner date? Don’t let your demanding career and everyday responsibilities get in the way of your romantic life. Make it a goal to start dating each other more this spring? And believe us, this one will be easy now that nice weather is here. Your date ideas are endless. From free dates like a stroll around the neighborhood or a long walk on the beach to more adventurous and expensive dates, you can’t go wrong by getting out of the house and having fun as a couple.

  1. Don’t forget to include your friends.

What? How does including your friends fit into the equation? Well, because including your friends is a great way to keep the spark in your relationship alive. With limited time on your hands, it’s a great way to connect dating and friendships. Plus, being out and about with other couples will give you a fresh perspective and make you and your partner feel closer to one another.

  1. Take a new hobby together.

This spring, make it one of your relationship goals to do something new, something different and out of the ordinary together. Bring the fun and excitement back by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you’ve never done. Painting, sculpting, dancing, or just throwing Frisbee at the beach, get out there and explore your options together.

  1. Choose your battles wisely & work on conflict resolution.

Every couple experiences fights. And our Cherry Hill dating experts know it’s perfectly healthy to fight. However, you must choose your battles wisely and learn how to fight. Although you don’t want to nitpick and quarrel about everything little thing that annoys you, you also don’t want to keep your emotions and annoyances all pinned up either. Discussing things that upset you will help you understand one another on a deeper level. You need to learn how to discuss and diffuse difficult situations if you want to keep your love alive.

So what are you waiting for? Your home isn’t the only thing that can use a little tidying up. Your partner and relationship yearn for your love and care, as well. Try these six rock solid relationship goals this spring and watch how close you and your partner become by summer.

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