NJ Matchmakers | 6 Signs He’s Dating Someone Else


Sometimes women fall in love fast, so fast that they forget to pay attention to the so-clear red flags because they’re overwhelmed with the butterflies in their stomach. When they finally wake up and realize they don’t know much about the guy they’re falling for, they start paying attention and realizing things aren’t adding up. The question is then: is he already dating someone else?

Ladies, make no mistake about it, some men in relationships are out and about looking for a side woman. Beware! Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will show you the top signs he’s already in a relationship.

  1. He doesn’t let go of his phone.


Most people keep their phones nearby so they can check their messages throughout the day. Some have the decency to turn them over so they’re not disturbed by the phone. After all, a date shouldn’t be about posting on Facebook or Instagram. However, some people are very private with their phone and conversations. If the guy you’re seeing is already in a relationship, he’s going to be very private with his phone out of fear you’ll get a glimpse of the messages or calls coming in.

  1. He’s not into PDAs.


We know that PDAs aren’t for everyone. But if a guy starts looking around every time you reach for a kiss, it’s because he can’t stand anyone seeing him being affectionate, or because he doesn’t want anyone to discover that he’s dating another woman.

  1. He’s always looking around.


When you’re out on a date, does he constantly look around to see who’s watching the two of you together? Sure, some men are always looking around, but if he’s obsessively looking over his shoulder—to the point that he can’t concentrate—then we hate to break it to you, but he’s already seeing someone else.

  1. He hangs up the phone when you walk in.


Has he done this before? Does he hang up the phone every time you walk into a room as if he was trying to end the conversation right then and there? Unless your boyfriend is a drug dealer, which we hope he’s not, then he shouldn’t be ending all his conversations the second you walk in the room. There’s no good reason for why he’s hanging up the phone every time you come near.

  1. He prefers to go out of town.


Is he always suggesting that you head out of town to spend time together? Does he get uncomfortable when you mention going somewhere in town? We all have our favorite places to hang out and our not-so-favorite places in town. However, if he’s paranoid about going out in town with you and gets uncomfortable in certain areas, that’s because he doesn’t want to be seen there with you. His girlfriend or friends live in those areas and frequent those places, and he’s afraid they’ll catch him there with you.

  1. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends.


It’s one thing to wait a while to be introduced to his friends. After all, some people do take their time before making such an important introduction. However, if you’ve been dating for a while now and haven’t met his friends, that’s because he’s afraid they’re going to tell his girlfriend about you. Most of us want the people we love to meet our new significant other, so if your new man hasn’t introduced you to his friends and you’ve been together for a while, then you know your answer.

Ladies, don’t get taken advantage of by someone who already has a girlfriend. Look for these six signs he’s already in a relationship, and end things with him now.

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