NJ Matchmakers | 3 Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person

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Are you the only person and interest in their life?  Do they cling to you tightly and act needy all the time?  Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, do they act like you’re an annoyance to them?  Either way, things might not be going so great in your relationship.

Healthy relationships are very difficult to come by today, and they honestly require a lot of work and efforts from both partners.  Can you have a healthy relationship when it started off in a dysfunctional way?  Maybe, but only if you and your partner both work hard to fix the relationship and make it bloom.  Otherwise, your best bet is to admit that your relationship is doomed and walk away.

Of course, if there’s any hitting or physical threats, the relationship is completely over, and you need to walk away before things get worse.  Many people go through life believing that a relationship is all they need to be happy and unfortunately think that any relationship will do.  They would rather be with the wrong person than be single and alone.

Our view as professional matchmakers is that if you’re in a bad relationship, you need to get out.  It’s better to be single than with the wrong person.  You don’t want to be stuck with someone who isn’t right for you—or worse, who isn’t healthy for you.  So how do you know if the person you’re with is your Mr. or Mrs. Right?  Well, first you need to know the top three signs you’re dating Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

1. No One Wants to Hang Out with You Together

Do your friends only want to hang out with you and refuse to hang out with your partner?  Do their friends want to see them but not you?  Then there might be a problem in the way the two of you interact as a couple when you are in public.  Friends don’t want to get caught in the middle of a bad fight.  Arguing and getting loud with each other in public will definitely make your friends uncomfortable.

If you notice that people don’t want to hang out with the two of you together, examine how you interact with each other in public.  If things get heated and stressful, then you and your partner need to have a talk.  If the two of you can’t come up with a solution, then you’re not right for each other.

2. They’re Not on Your Mind

When the love is real, you can’t stop thinking about your partner.  You live, breathe, and think about them all day long.  In other words, you’re always thinking about them.  If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and don’t think about them at all, then chances are you’re not in love with them.  Your best move here is to put an end to the relationship and walk away so you can find the person that makes you daydream about them.  No one is saying they should consume your mind when you’re busy with work, but they should cross your mind from time to time.

3. You Have Hatred Towards Them

The relationship started off like the movies, but you eventually grew a touch of hatred and resentment towards your partner.  You can’t help it, every time you look at them you, feel hatred towards them.  Relationships can grow sour for many reasons.  Perhaps they are always lucky.  They get away with breaking the law, like speeding down the highway and never getting a ticket.  Perhaps it’s because they’re totally spoiled by their parents who buy them everything.  Maybe their parents are always there for them, to the point that they get in the way of your relationship.  Your resentment grows over time and you begin to hate them, to the point that it becomes unhealthy.  If you feel hatred towards your partner, it’s time to pack up and leave.  A loving relationship doesn’t have room for hate.

If you’re dating someone and it doesn’t feel quite right, then it’s time to cut the cord and walk away.  Life is too short to waste with the wrong partner.  You deserve to find real love that brings you happiness and joy, not stress and hatred.

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