Find Out If He’s Taken With South Jersey Matchmakers

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Here is how it goes: you’ve been going out with a guy for some time now, things are going perfect. But you have started to notice that things are right. Your new date isn’t behaving right and you can’t put your finger on it.

You tell yourself that you are just imagining things and it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. You have dated so many men before that you are used to getting burned. Well, if he is the perfect guy, why isn’t he already in a relationship?

Or is he already in a relationship and playing you too? Today, our South Jersey matchmakers are going to reveal a few signs that shows he is already taken.

Signs he has a girlfriend

It sucks to know that the guy you are seeing has a girlfriend already but you can’t fall for a guy that’s already taken. It’s always better to know, so you can move on and find someone who isn’t taken.

  1. Your phone calls go unanswered.


This is the most obvious sign he already has a girlfriend. Keep an eye out for unanswered phone calls. It’s common for people in new relationships to call each other many times during the day just to say hi and chit chat. But if he doesn’t answer your phone calls, you should be worried.

Ok so we know that guys don’t talk talking on the phone, but he should at least text you during the day or reply when he gets a chance. If he rejects your phone calls or his phone is turned off, then he could have a girlfriend at home.

  1. He keeps his phone hidden.


Aside from not answering your phone calls or text messages, he is very secretive about his cell phone. When he comes to see you at your place he keeps the phone in his car or turns it off for the night. He doesn’t take phone calls when he is with you or even brings the phone out. If he does take a call, he excuses himself to go outside and take it. he never uses his cell phone around you. His cell phone is password-protected.

  1. Your name is stored under a different name.


Your name is stored under something completely different in his phone. This should raise a red flag. Why would a guy hide your name from anyone, unless he is keeping it hidden from his girlfriend? He is clearly taken and doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out who you are.

  1. He is never around on the weekends.


He is never available on the weekends. Whenever you ask him what he did on the weekend, he tells you he slept the entire weekend before work was too hard or has another excuse to why he didn’t answered your phone calls. You might also notice that he isn’t available during the afternoon on week days.

  1. He is never around during holidays.


Memorial day weekend, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are all holidays couple usually spend together. He has never once spent a holiday with you not even Valentine’s day. He tells you he has to work that day and is usually out of town. ladies, if a guy can’t spent a single holiday with you this means he is already taken. He is spending this holidays with his real girlfriend.

  1. He only hangout at your place.


He comes to see you at the most unexpected times. You find cute that he does this but he is only doing it because that’s the only time he is available. If you ask him to go to his place he’ll have an excuse to why you can’t. this is when you should realize that he has girlfriend.

  1. He doesn’t tell you anything about his life.


He hasn’t told you anything about his. You don’t know where he lives, where he grew up, if he has brothers or sisters or where he works. You don’t know anything. If you feel like he has isolated you then you should start to wonder why. He is keeping you hiding from everyone he knows for a reason. He has a girlfriend.

  1. He only comes for a little bit.


While you might see him a few times during the week, is only for an hour or two. He never spends the night at your place. He is clearly only using you for sex. He isn’t that concerned about you, but more about saving his time and energy to spend it with his real girlfriend at home.

  1. He told you he has no family in town.


He told you he doesn’t have any family in town. he might have even told you that he has no friends. Come to think of it, he has never introduce you to anyone. While you might have already taken him to meet your friends and family.

  1. He is too private on dates.


You love the fact that he takes you on dates but you don’t like that is 1 hour away to a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant. He is not doing this because he loves the restaurant but rather because he doesn’t want anyone to see you with him. Think about it, why would he want to keep you private? The answer is simple, he has a girlfriend.

  1. He keeps his wallet safeguarded.


Have you ever seen his wallet? Most guys keep a picture of their girlfriend inside. If he is very protective of his wallet like he is of his phone, this should be a warning sign he has a girlfriend. He is obviously hiding something from you.

  1. No social media accounts.


In today’s world everyone has a social media account, right? Well, not him. He doesn’t use social media he says. You took up upon yourself to check and found his account is private. He has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but doesn’t want to add you as a friend. Do you need another sign he has a girlfriend?

One of the best ways to find out if the guy you are seeing has a girlfriend, is to listen to that little voice inside of you. In most cases is right.