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They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, which is why it’s hard for men to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dating.  What one woman might consider acceptable, another won’t.  And this is what causes many confusions in the dating scene.  It’s no secret that men like to charm a woman; however, most of them don’t know how to do it properly.  Cheesy pick-up lines and sexual innuendos trying to get her to the bedroom are big no-nos.  However, if done right, sweet talking a woman will work wonders in your dating life.

Our New Jersey personal matchmakers know that sweet talking a woman and using the right words will take you a lot further than using played out pick-up lines.  If you have been searching the internet for ways to charm or seduce a woman, you’re at the right place.  Our expert matchmakers intend to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to properly sweet talking a woman.

The Right Way to Sweet Talk a Woman

Sweet talking isn’t about pick-up lines you read online.  It’s about honestly sharing how you feel about her and doing it in a respectful way.  If you want to impress her, then you need to learn how to sweet talk her properly, and the following tips from our New Jersey personal matchmakers will teach you how to land dating success.

  1. Use Eye Contact


Before you engage a woman in attempts to sweet talk her, you must know how to maintain good eye contact.  Good eye contact lets her know that you’re serious about her.  Your eyes should be focused solely on her, not any other woman around.

  1. Don’t Rely on Pick-up Lines


One of the most important parts of sweet talking a woman is never relying on pick-up lines.  Cheesy pick-up lines or sexual innuendos will have you coming off like a creep.  Although those tried and true pick-up lines might have worked for you in college, they will not work with a modern woman, especially one who is serious about dating.

  1. Wait for the Right Time


In order to sweet talk a woman, you must know when to do it.  You can’t sweet talk her if the conversation isn’t right or it’s an inappropriate time.  The conversation must be friendly and sincere in order to sweet talk her successfully.

  1. Always Be Respectful


Being a modern day Casanova like the ones in the movies rarely works in real life.  Complimenting a woman on body features is not going to win you brownie points.  Don’t ever act like a bad boy thinking that is what women want.  You must always be respectful, because failing to do so will get you nowhere with her.

  1. Use Your Body Too


When you eventually start talking to her, make sure you’re not only using good eye contact but that your body is also being used.  This means you must stand upright and face her.  Slouching, turning away, or acting aloof are signs you’re not really interested.

  1. Use Humble Questions


Questions are more important than sweet talking.  Why?  Because it shows her that you’re really interested in getting to know her.  Any man can come over and hit on a woman, but it takes a special one to ask the right questions.  Instead of dominating the conversation, make sure you ask genuine questions about her life and what interests her.

  1. Observe Everything


If you have seen this woman before, make sure you comment on something she has mentioned in the past.  Of course it has to be something positive.  For example, you can say that you remember how she enjoys that charming Italian restaurant downtown, how she was working on a job promotion, or even bring up something about her favorite author.

Also, be sure you compliment her on something she is wearing because women spend a lot of time picking outfits and accessories.  Believe us, it won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Compliment Her at the Right Times


One of the worst mistakes men make when trying to sweet talking a woman is drowning them with compliments.  Many men believe that the more compliments they give, the better their chances are, but our New Jersey personal matchmakers know it doesn’t work that way.  Women will see right through the compliments and think you’re trying to get them to the bedroom.  All women love to hear that they’re beautiful, but they don’t want to hear it fifteen times in a row.

  1. Be Confident


Don’t be scared when you approach her, but rather be proud of yourself and who you are, and believe us, this will take you further than any line you give her.  A woman will be drawn to you if she notices that you’re confident in yourself and in what you say.

  1. Be Genuine


Don’t ever tell her a fake story just to impress her, and never use too much flattery.  The truth is, it will do nothing to impress a woman.  Women would rather have a man who is genuine, has good manners, and shows respect.

  1. Show Her Your Undivided Attention


While you’re talking to her, you should only be concentrating on her.  It doesn’t matter if there is an event with lots of beautiful women roaming around, you should only concentrate on her as though she was the only woman in the room.  Make sure that your eyes don’t stray and you keep your focus on her.

  1. Talk about Family


Women who are serious about a relationship enjoy when a man talks about family.  Why?  Because it shows that he is serious.  It shows that you are looking for something other than fun in the bedroom.  She will trust your sweet talk much more than those men who don’t talk about family and friends.

Don’t think that sweet talking a woman is about using pick-up lines, because that’s a thing of the past.  Sweet talking her is about being genuine and showing your respect and admiration at the same time.

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