Jersey Matchmakers Reveal the Best Compliments for Women

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This isn’t the 1960’s, guys. Women want to hear more than the standard “You’re pretty.” Anybody can tell a girl she is pretty or gorgeous, but if you really want to impress a girl, you need to use one of our favorite compliments for women.

They’ll make you stand out from the rest of the guys because these days it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Giving her a compliment regarding her looks is always an easy way to go – but some girls want something more meaningful than that. You need to dig a little deeper here, guys, you need something to impress her.

Today, our Jersey matchmakers will show you the best compliments for women.

  1. “You make me feel so comfortable.”


There is no greater honor than being told you are a comfortable presence. So many things in life gives us stress that being told that you rid someone of stress and anxiety is a great feeling to have.

  1. “You have a beautiful soul.”


This may sound a little hippy-ish but this is actually a great compliment to give to a woman. It speaks about more than looks, as it digs deeper into her personality. You are complimenting her soul.

  1. “You are funny.”


One of the biggest drags about being a woman is the persistent myth that women aren’t funny, even though female comedians are all over the TV. It’s great to be appreciated for your humor. So, telling her that she is funny is a great compliment that will win you points in your favor.

  1. “Your hair looks nice like that.”


Look, we know that you don’t notice when she does certain things to her hair, okay? Secret’s out. When you tell a girl that her hair or make up, or really anything she does looks nice, she will be taken by surprise because this isn’t something that guys really notice. Like we said, it’s easy to tell a girl she’s beautiful, so stand out with your compliments by taking it up a notch with something specific.

  1. “Talking to you is so easy.”


Similar to the first point “You make me feel comfortable”, girls like feeling like they can make you feel calm. Since it’s incredibly hard to make some guys open up and talk about their feelings, if you tell her that talking with her is easy, she will feel special and accomplished in her task of making you feel at ease to talk. It may sound silly, we know. But it works.

  1. “You’re so strong.”


Some girls won’t like to be called cute or gorgeous. If they don’t like to be called cute, chances are they will like to be called strong. Really, though, any girls accept this compliment with a big smile on their face.

  1. “I love your laugh.”


Many girls aren’t super confident in their laugh. Hearing a guy compliment their laugh is a big deal. Use this one because it will work.

  1. “My friends and family like you.”


You know just as well as anyone that your friends and family know you better than anyone in the world. Maybe even better than you know yourself. If they like her and think she’s a winner, she deserves to know those things, don’t you agree?

  1. “You are cute.”


So, basically a lot of girls like to feel tiny and pretty. Cute implies tiny and pretty. Tell her how cute you find her to be.

So you see, guys, it’s really easy to compliment a woman with more than the standard “You’re pretty” line. What are you waiting for? Compliment that special woman in your life with the best compliment you can today.

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