South Jersey Matchmakers | 5 Ways You’re Pushing Him Away

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Maybe you’re pushing your man away and don’t even realize it.  Even if men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus, we can all agree that we’re pretty different in the way we communicate with each other.

Most women want a fairytale relationship: a guy who caters to her every need and never complains about anything—a guy who will respect her and treat her like a princess—a guy who is not only handsome but smart too.

Many women want a relationship with no faults—a relationship where they never make a mistake.  But that’s not reality.  Why?  Because we’re all human and make mistakes.  It takes time and conscious efforts to make a relationship last, which includes evaluating your actions or lack thereof.

If you want your relationship to grow and be successful, then you need to ensure you’re not unknowingly driving men away.  Today, our South Jersey matchmakers will show you the top five ways women push men away so you can ensure you’re not guilty of doing the same in your dating life.

1. Being Jealous

It’s understandable that you don’t want to see your boyfriend spend time with another woman.  But if his best friend happens to be a woman, there’s nothing you can do about that.  She was there years before you came into his life.  If you throw an angry fit every time he talks to her or hangs out with her, then you’re driving him away.  Don’t do it.

When you act jealous in front of your boyfriend, he’s going to see it as a sign that you don’t trust him.  And as Egg Harbor matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that a relationship with no trust will never work.  Unless she’s done something, there’s no reason why you can’t trust your boyfriend around her. After all, he chose you, not her, and that should mean something to you.

2. Not Giving Him Enough Space

Whether you like it or not, your boyfriend has a life outside of the relationship.  His friends are still a huge part of his life, and he needs to spend time with them.  The worst thing you can do is demand that your boyfriend spend all his time with you.  His friends were there before you, and he is allowed to see them whenever he wants.

Getting on the wrong side of guy time is one of the quickest ways to put an end to your relationship.  You can certainly hang out with your friends, so why do you not allow him to see his?  If you suffocate your boyfriend and never allow him to have guy time, he’s going to dump you.  Be sure to give him plenty of space, and use that extra time to see your friends and do the things you like.

3. Playing Hard to Get

No one likes a tease, do you get that?  If you’re not ready to take your relationship to the next level, then let him know that.  Don’t say that you want to be in a relationship if you just want to play games because no guy likes to play games.  If you want your boyfriend to respect your wishes and take it slow, then take it slow yourself and always set your boundaries from the beginning.

If you want to take your relationship to the next physical level, don’t act like you don’t.  Always be clear about your intentions and never play hard to get.

4. Trying to Change Him

You’re dating this guy, right?  You started dating him because you liked him, not because you thought you could change him into the best boyfriend.  If you’re dating him because you want to change him, then you need to break up with him right now.  You can’t change someone.  He’s dating you because he likes you.  Imagine how you would feel if he all of the sudden tried changing you into something you’re not.  It would hurt, right?  Trying to change him into something he’s not will eventually blow up in your face.

It’s not that guys won’t change, because everyone changes over time.  But men change at their own speed.  Don’t force your guy to change because he’ll mature on his own.  You need to accept his flaws like he accepts yours, and if you can’t do that, then you need to move on.

5. Complaining All the Time

No one likes a complainer, especially when the complainer never brings a solution to the table.  Guys are built for problem solving, so stop complaining unless you’re willing to fix the problem.  If you complain all the time, you’re going to annoy him and eventually drive him way.  If you complain about all the things he does wrong and never praise him for the things he gets right, he’s going to leave you for a woman who can appreciate him.  So if something is bothering you, then talk it out but never complain.  Men hate complainers.

Are you guilty of these five behaviors that push men away?  If so, you need to stop right now so you can save this relationship.

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