South Jersey Matchmakers reveal how to date in hot weather

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Now don’t get us wrong: we love the summers in New Jersey, the longer days, lighter evenings and warmer weather are the best in the world, and can lead to some fabulous dating opportunities. However, as anyone who has ever turned up to a date in the sweltering New Jersey heat with a bright red face and some embarrassing sweat patches can confirm, hot summer days or nights can make dating to be very stressful.

Let our matchmakers here at South Jersey Matchmakers show you how to keep your cool during the hot summer days in NJ.

  1. Use patterns


No matter how liberally you apply that Lynx Africa or Mum roll on, you’re still going to sweat up a storm. The trick here is to make sure those under arm damp patches can’t not be seen by your date. This is where our matchmakers recommend choosing a patter that will hide any wet patches such as plaid, gingham or check.

  1. Choose the right fabric


Obviously you aren’t going to be going out wearing a wooly jumper, but there are other fabrics, such as nylon, viscose and polyester that can cause you to sweat up a storm. Stick with light fabrics such as pure cotton and linen to keep your body temperature down during your date.

  1. Don’t’ be tempted to go sockless


Of course you want to show off your well-turned ankles in beautiful weather, but going to a date without socks can lead to sweat and unpleasant smells not something your date is going to life. Wear trainer socks.

  1. Go 10 minutes early


If you have to rush, you’ll end up sweating up a storm. You will be sweaty and frazzled before the date even starts and that’s not going to win you points in your favor. Giving yourself a bit of extra time before the date begins will give you the perfect opportunity to cool down before your date gets there.

  1. Sit in the shade


It can be tempted to sit in the full glare of the sun since is summer after all. But if you do that you’ll be sweating in no time. You will be soaked with sweat and that’s not a good look for a first date. Sitting in a shaded area will make the date less likely to end with sweaty armpits.

  1. Apply sunscreen


Because your skin is very important you need to apply lots of sunscreen.

  1. Stick to indoor activities


A nice, breezy summer day is perfect for a stroll in the park. A humid, sticky date is much better for the movies or a show where they will have air conditioning. Suggest an activity at a place you know has reliable temperatures and cool drinks to stay fresh.

  1. Excuse yourself


If you need a minute to cool off try our trick. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, and wash your hands in cool water. Let the cool water run over your wrist for a few seconds and it will literally cool you down.

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