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Do you love your boyfriend? Then you need to avoid doing the following things that men find very unattractive in women and make him forever thankful. The following things prove to be relationship killers for many couples. Treat them seriously and you will show how much you respect him. It’s a matter of mutual understanding that all women should have. After all, you worked so hard to attract the right man, there is no reason to let him go.

Men and women think and act completely different. The moment you realize this simple fact, it will become clear why you need to avoid these things that men find unattractive. It wouldn’t make any sense to keep doing them because you know it turns him off and could cost you your relationship.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers are going to show you the top things men find unattractive in women.

  1. Giving Him No Space


Men often complain they feel pressured and have to ask for more personal space in order to maintain their independence. This might sound to you like an excuse to go out with the guys. However, this is not the case for many men. One of the things men find unattractive in women is when they take their personal space, either because your relationship is not stable enough or because you feel insecure. Remember that being jealous isn’t healthy and will destroy your relationship.

  1. Expecting Him to Read Your Mind


Women use all kinds of messages when talking to each other. Most of them are not words, but signs. Men, on the other hand, are not privy to this type of body language. They prefer explicit verbal communication, and they won’t understand you when you are only giving signs. So the next time you want to give him signs instead of telling him what’s wrong with you, think again. He isn’t a mind reader and needs you to be forthright with him.

  1. Over-sharing Information


Even the best relationships have their ups and downs. Remember that one of the things men find unattractive is when women start sharing their relationship problems with other people. They might not like the fact that you’re telling everyone your relationship issues. You might feel the need to talk to your best friend about certain issues, but your boyfriend will not appreciate this. Remember that your problems are none of their business, and at the end of the day, you don’t need to share them with anyone other than your partner.

  1. Being a Drama Queen


You call him and start complaining about every single little thing that is happening in your life. You want him to share everything with him so he can understand better what you are going through. Instead, he’s feeling like you are bringing too much stress to his life. Grow up, the world is not spinning around you. As much as you want to talk about your drama, keep it for your friends. Try to keep your conversations with him as positive as you can.

  1. Not Giving Him a Break


You are trying really hard to make him follow your busy schedule, which is packed with many things to do. You think that he doesn’t have a busy day or that your day is busier than his? One of the top things men find unattractive in women is when they don’t give them a break.

For example, he is trying to watch a game and you are asking him to get up from the sofa and go out hiking with you. Believe us, right then, the only thing he’s interested is watching his football game. It’s how he chooses to step back from everyday life and do something just for himself. Don’t ruin his special time, no matter how pointless you think football is. If he likes it, you should not interfere. Otherwise, you will just make him mad, and there is going to be a fight.

Ladies, if you want to find and keep a relationship, avoid these five simple things that push men away.

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