Cherry Hill Matchmakers Explain Top 1st Date Deal Breakers

New Jersey Matchmaking Service Have you ever been guilty of these things on a first date? Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers will review the top deal breakers that will have your first date coming crashing down.

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience; after all, everyone involved is a little nervous and excited at the same time. When you think about it, there are so many ways the date can go badly, but so promising if things go well.

The Good, the Bad… & the Perfect 1st Date

First dates are an exciting experience. If everything goes well, there is a chance you might have met the person you will be spending the rest of your life with. And if you want to take things slow, it could be the beginning of an exciting months to come.

But if you do something wrong, something where you leave your date feeling sour, you’ll ruin all your chances of seeing them again. And sometimes, in your enthusiasm to impress your date across the table, you could end up saying or doing something that you’ll regret. It’s not your fault all the time; after all, maybe you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. But today, our Cherry Hill matchmakers will review the things not to say or do during your first date. We want to help you perfect your dating skills and land a second date with this wonderful gal.

Worst Things You Can Say or Do during Your 1st Date

Do you want to impress her and make no mistakes about it? Well, this is going to help you out. After all, most first dates go bad because of one of these problems. Keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid them at all costs and you’ll be sure to have a good first date with her.

1. Exes

Relationship history is a topic that is bound to come up during first date conversation. Of course both of you will be curious about each other’s previous relationships, how long they lasted, and what made them end, and it is okay to talk about this, but try keeping things simply and move onto the next subject.

2. Ex Hating

While you get your chance to discuss your ex, our Cherry Hill matchmakers want you to avoid badmouthing her at all costs. Relationships fail and she will understand that, but if you start to badmouth her, it will come off as bitter and you will be the one left looking bad. Take the high road and just say the relationship did not work out and move onto the next subject.

3. Being Rude

For whatever reason, some men in the dating world think it’s okay to be rude as it makes them look “cool.” However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It makes you look like an idiot. Be polite to the woman you’re out on a date with and anyone else around you because she is judging you on it.

4. Talking about Sex

It is not uncommon for first date conversation to get a little risqué; however, you should not be the one that takes it there. If she takes it there, let it go. But if you bring up sex, it will make you look as though that’s all you’re after.

5. Sexual Questions

Talking about sex during a first date is a bad idea, but what’s worse is asking her personal questions in regards to sex. Whether it’s about her preferences or relationship history, don’t go there.

6. Complaining

There is nothing worse than being on a first date with a man who complains. Complaining about your job, your friends, or the food you were just served is going to make you come off as immature and petty. You’re on a date with a mature woman and the last thing you want to do is annoy her by constantly complaining.

7. Decision Making

It’s true, even the most modern woman still wants the man to be in charge of the decisions for the first date. This means you need to know what time you’re going, where you’ll take her, and even be in charge of backup plans just in case something doesn’t go as planned. You don’t want to be in the situation where the restaurant you chose is packed and you did not make reservations, leaving you standing around scratching your head in embarrassment.

8. Cheap Chris

Don’t ever be cheap. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on your first date, but don’t go to an inexpensive restaurant and order from the cheapest menu. Believe us, she will not be impressed. If you happen to be short on money, there are many ways you can be creative. Pack a picnic and have a romantic picnic for two.

9. Talking Too Much

This is a common mistake made by a lot of men. They feel like they should keep talking all night long to avoid any awkward silences, but we don’t want you to do this. Believe us, she wants to get a few words in and ask you some questions as well.

10. Not Listening

While you are letting her do some of the talking, you need to listen as well. Smile, make eye contact, and ask her open-ended questions. Although this sounds obvious, it’s something many men fail to do. Don’t let that be you.

11. Mommy Issues

Of course it’s great to talk about family, and women love a man who is close to his mother; however, what you don’t want to do is talk about your mom too long. Nothing will send a woman running for the hills like a man who has mommy issues.

12. Cockiness

Men who lack confidence make up for it by being extremely arrogant. Our Cherry Hill matchmakers know it never works and only seems boastful. By downplaying your better qualities, she will see you as modest and like you more. Don’t brag or talk about yourself too much because believe us, she will not be impressed.

Avoid these pitfalls and silly things and you will have a successful first date.

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded women in New Jersey, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you. Let us introduce you to amazing women who are on the same page as you when it comes to dating.


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