New Jersey Professional Matchmaking Service – Ultimate Dating Guide for Shy Men

New Jersey Matchmakers Okay, so you’re searching for that special someone, but there is a huge problem. You’re very shy and hate the idea of having to barhop to look for dates or are afraid of dating through a dating service. But the truth is, you can’t hide behind your computer screen; eventually, you’re going to have to get out there in the real world and date people. If being shy is preventing you from finding that special someone, our New Jersey professional matchmaking service has some tips for you.

Before You Begin on Your Dating Quest…

Tip #1: Improve Your Wardrobe

If the last time you bought new clothes was when you left college, then it’s time to hit the mall. You don’t have to spend your entire bank account to look stylish, though. If you’re not sure about the dress code, smart casual is always the best option. We advise you to go for a crisp dress shirt paired with a nice pair of pants that fits your body. Also, remember that women are always looking at your shoes. There is no need to change your look dramatically, just improve your looks.

Tip #2: Better Your Grooming

Have a look at yourself in the mirror. Does your hairstyle fit your look? If you have been rocking a mullet or bowl cut since you were 18, then it’s time to get a new haircut. A new haircut might be what you need to give you that confidence boost. Make sure your nails are nicely trimmed and your facial hair is nicely groomed. If you have gained the nickname of Mr. Caterpillar due to your eyebrows, then it’s time to get them waxed.

Tip #3: Become More Social

If you’re not used to social functions and prefer to spend the majority of your time cooped up in your house, then it’s time to improve your confidence by building it up. There are so many things going on every day, things that are relevant to your interests, and our New Jersey professional matchmaking team wants you to get out and join in on these things. Whether it’s gallery shows, food classes, or even sporting events, you need to get out and explore. And who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone special at one of these places.

Tip #4: Make a List of Your Great Assets

You might have been single for a very long time, but don’t let this affect you. Instead of thinking negatively about yourself, start thinking positive. Get into the habit of always seeing the best out of every situation. Whenever you’re feeling down, just picture a positive past situation or something that makes you feel good.

Tip #5: Do a Quick Mirror Check

This might sound silly to you since you might avoid the mirror because you’re shy. Is your posture slouched? Do you hunch your shoulders? You might not have noticed it before, but if you go look in the mirror, you may be surprised. Our matchmakers want you to practice standing confidently from now on.

Tips While Out on a Date…

Tip #6: Avoid Giving Them a Limp Handshake

Okay, so you got yourself a date and it’s time to meet them. The first 15-30 seconds are crucial, so don’t let Mr. Sweaty Limp Palms ruin everything. The extreme alternative to a limp handshake is giving a woman a vice grip one. Avoid both scenarios. Our New Jersey professional matchmaking team wants you to forget the handshake and go straight for a casual hug.

Tip #7: Be Assertive

Women love when a man is in charge and plans the dates, so go ahead and pick wherever you want to go for the evening. There is nothing worse than a man who agrees with anything the woman says. For example, when it comes to ordering from the menu, don’t just say, “I’ll have what you’re having.” Instead say, “I’m having this. You should really try it out.” You see that? In charge but not pushy.

Tip #8: Give Her Sincere Compliments

There is nothing that breaks the ice quicker than a sincere compliment. So when you see her, think of something nice you want to say about her. Whether it’s her beautiful smile, her nice hairstyle, or an article of clothing you like, don’t be afraid. Women love to feel desired and appreciated, especially when they have put in so much effort to look good for the date.

Tip #9: Control Nervous Habits

Do you pick your nails? Do you touch your face? Do you fiddle with the fork and knife? Do you drum your fingers on the table when you get nervous? If so, you need to stop it. The more you are aware of your nervous habits, the more likely you will be able to control them.

Tip #10: Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important when it comes to good communication. If you look into her eyes when you’re talking, it shows her you are focused on getting to know her. If you don’t feel confident making eye contact, you should try to make a conscious effort to do it with people every day until you are confident.

Tip #11: Eat Food You Know You Like

Don’t ever feel like you need to conform to impress her. If she is a sushi eater and you have never tried it before, don’t plan a first date that involves sushi or you might find the chopsticks falling out of your hands or your face quivering in fear of the raw fish. Also avoid messy foods that require you to eat with your fingers. There’s nothing that can ruin a date faster than a slob. Also, mind your table manners. If you eat like a caveman chewing every ounce of meat off the bones, you’re not going to impress her.

Tip #12: Pay Attention to Her Body Language

If your date is looking away from you, checking her phone, or looking bored, then you might be doing something that is turning her off. If you are observant, you should be able to know whether she’s into you or not.

Tip #13: It Doesn’t Have to Be One-on-One

If going on a date with a woman terrifies you, then there are many options. Why not opt to go out on a double date? Perhaps you can tell her to invite a friend and you can invite one of yours. Or you can tell her you’ll be out in the city with friends and she can come and join you.

Shy men can be endearing and fun, and the best thing about them is that they’re not arrogant, so don’t view your shyness as a bad trait. Act just like you do around your friends and family, and soon you’ll land that special someone. If you need help boosting your confidence and improving your dating skills, contact our professional matchmakers today. We’ll give you the guidance and support you need, all while introducing you quality women who are also serious about dating.



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