New Jersey Professional Matchmakers Teach You How to Get Over Your Breakup

new jersey matchmakersHave you recently experienced a breakup? Find out how you can get over it as our New Jersey matchmaking experts teach you the simple ways to heal and move on with your life.

Being single isn’t as bad as you think it is, and believe us, you will eventually find true love again. But for now, you need to stop dwelling on your past relationship, learn valuable lessons from it, and continue on with your life. Being single is actually the best time for you to get to know yourself and start creating new life goals. If you’re having trouble getting over your breakup, our New Jersey professional matchmakers have some helpful ways you can get over it.

1. Grieving Is Normal

It’s okay to feel sad, disappointed, and angry, or whatever other feelings you’re experiencing. Don’t have unrealistic expectations or time-frames on yourself to get over it. Doing so will only increase the anxiety or make you think you need to cover up your feelings in order to please the world.
We want you to take your time and grieve as needed. Just be sure you are progressing in other aspects of your life and are not getting stuck in a rut.

2. Forget about Them

It is really easy to get over an ex, all you have to do is get them out of your life. Stop talking to them on social media, delete their phone number and all their pictures. You no longer need them. You’re starting a new life without them. Believe that your new life will be happier and that you have good things coming. Try having a positive attitude about your breakup. There is no need to sit at home for weeks or months crying or feeling miserable about yourself.

3. Have Good Friends Around

It is so tempting to stay locked in your room alone, but our matchmakers know that is the worst thing you can do. While you will need some alone time, you shouldn’t isolate yourself from the people who love and care about you and want to see you do better.

Plan movie nights, go out for walks, exercise regularly, plan small vacations, practice a new hobby, meet new people and start making new friends. To put it in simple terms, start enjoying life to the fullest and keep your best friends around when you are feeling down.

4. Let Go

Not only does this mean letting go of your ex but also letting go of the “what if,” “if only” and “maybe if” phrases constantly playing in your mind. The trick for getting over a breakup is to stop beating yourself up all the time. People change, and sometimes that means they no longer have a place in your life, but remember that their absence doesn’t define you as a person.

5. Be Busy

This is the perfect time to be active and do all the things you have always wanted to do. Staying busy will keep you emotionally and mentally distracted from your breakup, so go ahead and take on a new sport or start practicing a new hobby. You can also expand your mind by learning a new language. If you don’t want to leave your house, don’t worry. You can clean, organize, or rearrange an area of your house.

6. Be Social

This tip is very important. Not only does it keep your mind and hands occupied, but it will also keep you in touch with all the friends you lost sight of when you were in a relationship. It is easy to lose sight of friends and family when you’re in a relationship, but remember that those people are important to you and you need them in your life.

7. Refocus

Now is the time to retrain your mind and all its habits. You need to stop thinking about the past. Sitting around and waiting for the feeling to go by might take too long. Your happiness is your choice and what you do will affect it. This is why it’s very important to choose positive things to do. Write out a list of goals and achieve them. Make a plan of doing constructive things, and believe us, little by little, your happiness will come back.

8. Have Fun

We want you to continue living your life to the fullest, even after your breakup. Go dancing, go karaokeing, go try a new sport and just have fun. Try to smile as often as you can and you will see that you are happy and ready for a new relationship. Just remember that simply by laughing, you will increase your lifespan.

9. Don’t Get into Rebound Relationships

A rebound relationship will never work. If you think that because meet someone new they will help you get over your past, you are wrong. Not only are you hurting yourself but you are hurting them as well. We want you to heal yourself completely before you ever embark on a new relationship.

10. After You Heal, Now You Can Date

After you have completely healed yourself from your breakup, it’s time to get out there and see what other options are available for you. It might take a few dates, but at least you’re taking the initiative to put yourself out there and meet someone new. Remember that the goal isn’t to date the first person who comes around but to find someone who you are truly compatible with. You should also enjoy the dating process, have fun, and take things as they come along.

11. It’s Okay to Relapse & Cry

If you feel like you’re down and out, don’t suppress the feeling. Go ahead and cry. You deserve to grieve about your failed relationship; however, we only want you to do it for a few minutes. Don’t let yourself fall into a depression. Remember that just because you experience a failed relationship doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Love yourself, believe in yourself, and keep in mind that you will move on and meet someone new.

If you’re having troubles finding a compatible partner to date, contact our New Jersey professional matchmakers today. Let our matchmaking experts introduce you to someone wonderful you can spend the rest of your life with!


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