Collingswood Matchmaking Service | 4 Reasons to Dump Him

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There will be a time in many relationships where people ask themselves if it’s worth staying or not. It’s a tough question, especially because it’s so hard to hurt someone you love and have dedicated a portion of your life to. But luckily there are some very telltale behaviors you look out for, which will help you see whether he is worth your valuable time and effort.

Try not to over-analyze your boyfriend too much, however, because if he possesses some of these traits, it will be obvious enough for you to decide what to do next. These are signs of his feelings towards you, his personality, as well as what to expect down the road.

Why should give your life to a man who is not right for you? Today, our Collingswood matchmaking service will teach you the major signs that scream your answer to your heart-tugging question, “Is it time to break up?” Get ready to find out where you stand and where to go from here.

  1. He Doesn’t Give You Attention


Caution here, ladies! It doesn’t mean you have to be the center of his attention. But if your guy is taking a very long time to answer your text messages, he’s not returning your calls, or his mind doesn’t seem to be present when you’re together, these are major red flags for you.

If he’s too busy on his phone or not paying attention to you at all, then you’re not important enough to give you his attention, and you definitely don’t want a man like that.

Of course, many will blame it on being busy with work, but if this behavior has been going on for a long time and there’s not apparent cause, then you should discuss this issue with him. If nothing changes after you talk to him, then you need to dump him so you can find a man who will make you a priority in his life.

  1. Things Don’t Feel Right


You don’t know what it is, but for some reason things don’t feel right. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong, it just means he’s not the right man for you.

Don’t waste your precious time with him—maybe you’re not the woman for him and he is not the guy for you. Listen to your intuition, because it’s telling you something your conscious mind might not realize. You’ll be saving yourself a lot time and freeing yourself to find right guy for you.

  1. He’s Obnoxious


He was obnoxious when you first met him, and nothing has changed. We all have bad days when are not acting our best, but if this is something that happens on a regular basis, he just has a bad personality.  If you are nervous to bring him around family or friends, fearing they will dislike him because of his attitude, then you need to end it. You don’t deserve to be stuck with a man who makes you feel unease and brings down your positive vibes.

  1. He’s Aggressive


He hasn’t hit you yet, but he has a very angry temperament. He explodes over the little things, he screams at the top of his lungs, and even insults you.

No! You don’t deserve to be with a guy like this. You didn’t make him scream at you, and none of these anger issues is your fault.

Do not put up with someone who has an aggressive personality like this, because if he’s violent to others and has a very aggressive temperament, it is extremely likely he will bring that violence home. Do not settle for this guy one more minute. Dump him right now!

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