Cherry Hill Matchmakers Reveal 4 Signs He Truly Loves You

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So you’ve started dating this guy and you’re not 100% sure how he feels about you or what he thinks about the two of you being together.  It can be tricky to navigate the emotions of someone else, especially if you’ve both just started dating each other officially.

Rather than tell you what a guy would do if he were into you, like reply to your text right away or be the one to initiate date planning, we’ve got things he’ll do only if he really loves you.  We’re talking madly in love here.  Like head over heels for you.  You never want to outright ask how someone feels about you, in case of the potential embarrassment and the possibility of rejection, so we’ve made a simple list for you. So get ready as our Cherry Hill matchmakers reveal signs he’s truly in love with you.

  1. He Thinks About You When You’re Not There


When you’re really into someone, you can’t stop thinking about them.  Even if you’re past the honeymoon stage where you get the butterflies at the mere thought of hearing their name, they still come into your thoughts.  When a guy really and truly loves you, he’ll think about you all the time.

The small mundane details of life might start to hold a special significance to him because everything reminds him of you!  He’ll make mental notes of something he saw that you might like so he can share the story with you or he’ll think about a joke you told on the last date.  Thinking about you when you’re not together means he really loves you.

  1. He Always Tries to Impress You


Think of it as an alpha male thing, but when a guy is really into you, he’ll do anything to impress you.  This can take the form of many things, like talking about fancy wine when he takes you to an upscale restaurant to prove that he is fancy and knows what he’s talking about or doing something crazy to show that he has a daredevil side.

He wants you to take notice of him and be impressed by what he is offering, be it his large bank account or his outgoing personality and strong work ethic.

  1. He Brings You into His Inner Circle


When a guy is serious about a woman, he’ll bring her around his friends and family.  This is something most people don’t take lightly, and it truly shows how much feelings someone has for you.  He wants you to meet all those who are closest to him, which shows the depth of his feelings towards you.  These are the most important people in his life, so the fact that he wants to make you a part of this circle says a lot.

More importantly, he cares what his friends and family think of his new love interest and wants them to love you as much as he loves you.  If a guy wasn’t into you at all, he’d keep you a secret and would never bring you around his friends and family.

  1. He Won’t Be Afraid to Commit


Put bluntly, a man who truly loves you will let you know and he’ll be anxious to make things official with you.  Even if he’s a playboy at heart, when a woman really steals his heart, he will want her all to himself.  If a guy says he “doesn’t want to put a label on the relationship,” it’s more likely than not that he doesn’t really love you, which isn’t your fault.

Commitment is a scary thing for many men, but when you’re with someone you truly love, it becomes less intimidating.  If a guy is really in love with you, he won’t have you wondering about your relationship status.  He’ll tell you, because he wants you to be his only one.

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