Jersey Matchmaking Service | 10 Signs He Has Multiple Dates

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A recent study showed that millennials tend to date multiple people at the same time—some even have multiple dates lined up for the night. Talk about keeping your options open!

So how can you know the guy you’re out with is just wasting your time? How do you know he has other dates lined up on the same night as yours? Let our South Jersey matchmaking service show you the telltale signs your date has multiple dates lined up. Ladies, don’t waste your time with someone who can’t commit to giving you his full attention for one hour.

  1. He’s rushing the date.


He shows up late, out of breath from running to the restaurant, or he’s eager to order a drink and leave… What’s the rush here? Maybe he’s just come from another date or has another one lined up—or maybe both! If he can’t relax and enjoy your company, then he’s not worth your efforts. You deserve much more than this guy is giving you.

  1. He’s on his phone the whole time.


You’re asking him about his day, but he can’t stop looking at his phone. Not only that, but his phone keeps beeping and buzzing throughout the entire date. If he must reply to messages and take phones calls, then he might have other dates lined up. What else could be so urgent that he can’t put his phone down?

  1. He freshens himself up before leaving.


After you handle the bill, he says he must use the restroom. He comes out looking like he just got ready all over again, and better yet this guy even put more cologne on. Clearly, he’s freshening himself up for another date. It’s obvious that you’re not the only woman he’s going to see tonight.

  1. He tells you he has plans later.


When you ask him what he’s doing the rest of the night, he tells you he has other plans but keeps it mysterious. He’s trying to spare your feelings by not telling you he has another date lined up. Wouldn’t it be better if he were just honest with you?

  1. He doesn’t talk about what he wants.


When you talk about what you each want in a relationship, he doesn’t seem to have much to say. A guy who is dating multiple women simultaneously will keep his feelings to himself until he finds the woman he wants to pursue.

  1. He doesn’t talk about himself.


It is refreshing to find a guy who doesn’t hog the conversation, but if he hardly has anything to say, that’s a bad thing. Why isn’t he sharing anything about himself? It could be because he doesn’t want you to get too close, or because he’s not sure if he’s ready to give up his casual dating games.

  1. He doesn’t tell you that he’ll call you.


This was the first awesome date in a while, but he doesn’t tell you that he’ll call or text you. Instead, he gives you a compliment saying that you’re a wonderful woman. It sounds sweet, but it might also be his way of saying he’s not interested in committing to another date with you. He clearly wants to see how his other dates measure up.

  1. He says maybe all the time.


Okay, you clearly like him and want to see him again, so you take the lead and invite him over for a second date next week. Instead of giving you a straight answer, he says, “Maybe, I’ll think about it.” Either this guy is playing hard to get or he has other dates on the horizon.

  1. He didn’t put any effort into the date.

A guy who is dating multiple women at the same time won’t put any effort into the date. If he left the date planning up to you—from where you meet to what you were going to do—it’s clear that he’s just along for the ride.

  1. He talks about other women.

He might not check out other women in the restaurant or talk about other dates, but if he mentions a new colleague or talks about a female friend and his eyes light up, this could be a sign he’s dating multiple women. Either way, it’s shady.

Ladies, some men out there will date multiple women at the same time until they find the perfect one—hurting many women in the process. While it’s fine to be open and honest about dating other people, if he’s lying to you or hiding the fact that he’s pursuing other women, that’s not okay. If you don’t think you’re the only one he’s seeing, and you want the real deal, you need to break this off right now. You don’t want to waste your time dating someone who has no intentions of solely dating you.

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