Camden Dating Service | Top 8 Lessons to Take from a Breakup

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It’s no secret that breakups are the worst experience in the world. Sure, they give you the perfect opportunity to binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix and to binge-eat your favorite sweets while getting out a good sob on the couch, but all that crying leads to red eyes and remorse. But before you give up on love and never date again, remember that breakups always teach you something valuable. Whether or not you’re ready to learn those lessons, that’s totally up to you.

Today, our Camden dating service will show you the valuable lessons you learn from having your heart broken.

  1. You don’t know what goes on in their head.


A breakup will definitely make you question every text message and conversation you had with them and cause you to wonder if there was something you could’ve done differently. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. Obsessing over everything that happened in the past is not going to bring you back together. So no matter how much wondering you do, you’ll never know what they were really thinking.

  1. Your friends will always matter.


It’s really easy to jump into a new relationship and get completely wrapped up in this new person. Suddenly you realize you haven’t seen your friends in weeks because you’re spending all your time with your new partner. It shouldn’t take a breakup to make you realize your friends are important to you, but unfortunately it does. When you’re going through a breakup, you realize you need your friends.

  1. Sometimes it’s best not to ask for advice.


As much as you feel your best friends were with you every step of your breakup, they might not have been. They probably only heard the bad things that happened in your relationship, which means they are happy you’re out of it. As much as you want to ask everyone for advice on what went wrong, hold back. Your friends are most likely biased about your relationship, so of course they’re going to tell you what you want to hear.

  1. You don’t have to be in a Facebook relationship for it to hurt.


These days, everyone is in a rush to make their relationship Facebook official. But even if you didn’t get to that point, a breakup will definitely still hurt. Just because you never put a label on your relationship for the world to see doesn’t mean there isn’t any pain.

  1. If you don’t think they’re into you, you’re probably right.


If they’re texting you less or canceling dates more often, you might start making excuses. Maybe they’re busy at work, out of town, or busy dealing with their own things. However, when you go through a breakup, you look back and realize they had already begun moving on. Sure, there were many circumstances when they were really busy, but if you feel like the relationship is over, there must be a reason behind that.

  1. You must trust your gut feeling more.


Too often in relationships your partner will call you crazy once you start getting a little close to the truth. The reality is, your gut feeling is always right, so you should always listen to it. It’s a shame that you learn to trust your gut feeling after the breakup, after wasting all that time.

  1. Relationships involve two people.


It doesn’t matter how much work you put into your relationship, if your partner isn’t doing the same, then you’ll never have a successful partnership. Perhaps one of the most important lessons you can learn from a breakup is that it takes two to tango. If you find yourself putting in more work than your partner, you already know it’s never going to work.

  1. You realize you complete yourself.


Once you survive a painful breakup, you realize you don’t need anyone else in the world to make you happy no one other than yourself. You discover that you yourself are enough. You don’t need anyone to help you become whole. In fact, once you go through a breakup, you realize you are your only source of happiness.

If you can accept the unacceptable and survive the pain of this breakup, you’ll be well equipped with valuable lessons that will help you in your next relationship.

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