Cherry Hill Dating Service | Why Dating Bad Boys Never Works

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Oh, the bad boys, the alluring guys every woman fawns over. Every woman has gone through a bad boy phase at least once in her lifetime. Yes, it’s true that sometimes bad can be good. Bad boys are exciting, attractive, and unpredictable, making for epic highs and heartbreaking lows.

What most women don’t know is that a relationship with a bad boy never leads to love. It is an emotional roller coaster that will eventually get old, especially when the cycle keeps repeating again and again. If you’re thinking about dating a bad boy, let our Cherry Hill dating service show you why it’s a bad idea.

  1. You’ll be the only one doing the work.


No one likes desperate, needy, and clingy, but that’s exactly what you’ll be when you date a bad boy. He will put no effort into the relationship, leaving you to do all the work. No matter how hard you try, it will be impossible to crack him. And this is the challenge you’ll face throughout the entirety of the relationship. It will literally feel like a drug addiction.

  1. He’s very unpredictable.


You literally get excited every time you get a phone call or text from him because you just never know when it’s going to happen. It’s exciting and keeps you on your toes, but it’s also very annoying because you can never get a hold of him. You can never even make plans for the weekend because that’s how unpredictable he is.

  1. He doesn’t make you a priority.


Whether he’s an aspiring rock star or a successful stock broker, he’s always talking about how busy and stressful his life is. Oddly enough, he always seems to have time to go out with his friends for drinks. You get annoyed, but not for long because you know he’ll call you when drinks are over just so he can get booty.

  1. The thought of changing him makes you want him.


In your head, you think you’re the most amazing girlfriend he’s ever had. Ha ha ha. You think he’s going to leave his bad boy days behind, but you have it all wrong. You think that with you in the picture, he’s going to say goodbye to his party days and that he’s going to clean his place and get his life together. But it’s only after a few heartbreaks that you realize you’re never going to change him. He’s an irresponsible bad boy that refuses to grow up. You’re learning this the hard way.

  1. You end up in situations you never expected to.


After not hearing from him for a week or two, he calls you out of the blue to tell you he wants to spend the weekend with you in Miami. You drop everything and go with him. And even if it’s not something as drastic as picking up and hopping town for a getaway, it’s always something out of the blue. Sound familiar?

  1. He spends money like it grows on trees.


He spends what little money he makes on casinos, bottles of liquor, and an occasional drug. And if he doesn’t have money, he’ll ask to borrow it from you. As a true bad boy, this guy loves his toys—motorcycles, jet skis, and four-wheelers, he has them all. But when it comes to bank statements, he has nothing but zeroes.

  1. He runs on a completely different schedule.


Making plans with you is a complete no-go. This could be because he’s dating another woman, he’s busy with work and party, or because he’s perpetually unemployed Either way, he can’t make time for you.

  1. Even his friends think he’s a loser.


“He’s really an awesome guy,” said no woman ever. Instead, when you ask his friends about him, they reply with vague compliments like: “Yeah, he’s alright” and “That dude is crazy, but I love him.” Does this sound familiar?

Dating a bad boy might seem fun and exciting in the movies. But it’s not in real life. Bad boys are immature jerks who aren’t good candidates for a relationship with.

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