South Jersey Matchmakers | 8 Signs You’re Dating a Manchild

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When you’re in your early years, dating a guy who still relies on his parents and doesn’t know what he wants to do in life is not that uncommon. Chances are, you were probably doing the same thing at that point in your life. But as you grow and mature, plans for the future start to take precedence over partying on the weekends. If it seems like you’re much more mature than the guy you’re dating, then you might be dating a manchild who isn’t interested in giving up his party days.

Today, our dating and relationship experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers will show you the surefire signs you’re dating a manchild.

  1. He has no dreams or goals.


If, on the rare occasion, he talks about his dreams and goals, it’s only to brag. In reality, he doesn’t even want to move a finger to accomplish those goals. Sure, maybe he hasn’t figured out what he wants to be in life, but that doesn’t mean he can stay stuck for good and not put any effort into getting somewhere in life. If your guy is complacent with where he’s at, he’s not moving forward in life and is going nowhere fast. Save yourself the frustration and find a guy who has ambitions in life.

  1. He’s super lazy.


This one not only applies to his life in general but the relationship too. He doesn’t put any efforts into you. He doesn’t do anything to make you feel loved. Since the two of you have been dating for a while now, he no longer believes he needs to put any efforts in. If he’s lazy in love and in life, you need to go your separate ways.

  1. He lives in the now.


He hasn’t learned any lessons in life and hasn’t given any thought to what the future will bring. And this attitude causes him to struggle moving on in life, and in the relationship too. You will constantly feel like you’re forcing him to do things. He allows you to call the shots and always blames you when something doesn’t work out.

  1. He blames you all the time.


If something goes wrong, it’s never his fault. Everything is because of you. Instead of trying to find a solution to the problem, he’s busy pointing the finger at you all the time. If it is his fault, he never owns up to his mistakes and never offers an apology.

  1. He expects you to take care of him.


He has a silent expectation that you will take the role of his mother by fulfilling his wants and needs. Because he doesn’t know how to look after himself, he expects you to do it all for him. While this is something you can do occasionally, it can definitely get tiresome in a relationship. You can’t take care of a grown man for the rest of your life.

  1. He has no idea how to compromise.


Happy and successful relationships only flourish when both partners know how to compromise. If you find yourself always giving up things you enjoy just to please him, and he doesn’t return the favor, then you have a big problem at hand. Relationships require give and take from both partners. If you’re not getting that in yours, it’s time to walk away.

  1. He doesn’t know how to handle conflict.


It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting about something small or something big, his natural reaction is to run away. He doesn’t know how to handle conflicts and expects you to overlook any issues that come up. If your guy hides from conflict and never wants to talk about anything serious in life, you need to say goodbye. You need to find a mature man who know what conflict resolution is all about.

  1. He refuses to talk about serious things.


Whether it’s talking about commitment, moving in together, having children, or getting married, he refuses to talk about anything serious. So when you try to bring up those topics, he acts uninterested or avoids them altogether. If the new guy in your life refuses to talk about serious things, you’re dating a manchild.

If your boyfriend looks like a grownup but exhibits these behaviors, he’s definitely an immature manchild. Go ahead, don’t hesitate for another second—kick him to the curb and find a mature man. You deserve better, and we can help you find him. Let our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers introduce you to mature and relationship-ready men in New Jersey who are compatible with you. We do rigorous screening and background checks to ensure everyone is emotionally fit to date. We do the hard part of dating for you so you can date with ease.

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