How Singles in New Jersey Can Survive the Holidays Alone

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The holiday season is finally here, but you’re probably not looking forward to it if you happen to be single.  Not having anyone to kiss under the mistletoe, not receiving a romantic gift from a partner, not having someone to attend holiday parties with, and not having anyone to kiss when the ball drops on NYE can definitely make you feel lonely.

While we don’t guarantee that you won’t be able to dodge those unwanted questions from your family members, we do guarantee that you’ll survive the holidays if you follow these tips from our dating experts.  So get ready as our Jersey matchmakers reveal the ultimate holiday survival guide for singles in New Jersey.

1. Learn to Say No

Dreading attending another holiday dinner party with your friends?  Then gracefully decline.  You’re not obligated to attend every party you’re invited to.  You don’t have to go to every cookie baking session, ugly Christmas sweater party, or work holiday function on the calendar.  Choose which events will bring you the most joy and learn to politely decline the ones that don’t.

2. Practice Self-Care

Think of all the money you would normally be spending on a gift for a partner, then think of that money and what you can do for yourself.  Use that money to spoil yourself a little.  Spend a day at the spa, invite a close friend out to dinner, or splurge on a few key pieces at the mall.  You’ll enjoy the brief pampering and will feel better.  If you don’t have extra money to spend, treat yourself at home.  Get a new book, a bottle of wine, or a new CD.  The point here is to do something nice for yourself this tough time of year.

3. Host a Night with Friends

Your single friends will also appreciate a break from all those parties full of happy couples.  Have a movie night in, host a cocoa party, have a cookie baking get together, or just chitchat and play board games.  Just because it’s December doesn’t mean you have to throw a huge Christmas party.  People do enjoy low key, no pressure get togethers amongst all the chaos of the holidays.

4. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption at Work Functions

Christmas parties are notorious for being boring, and what do people do to fight that?  They drink eggnog.  When the alcohol flows freely, you might be inclined to overindulge; after all, your boss is covering the bill.  But drinking too much is a recipe for disaster, as it will make you do things you might not normally do when you’re sober.  Avoid ruining your professional reputation by drinking responsibly.

5. Know Why You’re Single

Don’t get caught by surprise by Aunt Tori or your second cousin Willy who’s demanding an explanation on why you’re 35 and still single.  Have an answer prepared in advance.  Only you know your life and what your family is like.  Tailor your answer to your specific situation—whether it’s because you took time out from dating to focus on yourself, work has been so busy that you barely have time to sleep, or you’re just casually dating and are not ready to settle down yet.

6. Get Your Relatives Talking Before They Bombard You

Everyone loves talking about themselves.  Don’t give your nosy relatives a chance to bombard you with questions.  Uh, uh, get out ahead of them! Ask them about their latest vacation and what foods they ate while they were there.  Pick their brains a little about their job/career and how it got started.  Talk to them about how they celebrated Christmas when they were kids, what gifts they exchanged back then, and what they think about Christmas today.  The point is to get them talking so they’re not bombarding you with questions about your life.

Not only will this prevent them from asking your personal questions, but you’ll get to know them better.  It’s a win-win all around.

See, we told you that it’s not that hard to survive the holidays when you’re single.  Follow these tips from our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers and you’ll make it through the holidays with your dignity intact.

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