New Jersey Dating | 5 Social Media Habits That Turn Men Off

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When you get excited about a new guy you’re dating, or even someone you dated in the past, the first thing most ladies do is head for social media (AKA Facebook).  You want to tell the world about him.  You want to do a little bragging and maybe even attempt to impress him.  But what you don’t want to do is scare him away by posting too many things that make you look bad—or worse, crazy.  Even when you think he can’t see your post, there is always someone out there who is overanalyzing everything you do.

Today, our New Jersey dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers will show you the top social media posts that scare men away.  Stay away from these social media activities if you want to be successful in your romantic life.

1. Taking Too Many Selfies

Selfies are a great way to get attention.  They’re great if you’re having a wonderful hair day and want to share it with the world.  They’re not so great when you’re trying to impress your guy.  Flooding the social media newsfeed with too many selfies will scare men away.  The rule of thumb for social media is one selfie per day—max.  Any more and he’ll think of you as conceited—or worse, insecure and fishing for compliments from all directions.

2. Posting Pictures of Every Meal

Guys really don’t need to know what you’re eating all the time.  What’s worse yet?  Getting bombarded with annoying updates of what you’re not eating because you’re so healthy.  Posting all your health conscious foods might make you look a little bit neurotic or high maintenance, and no one wants to date that type of woman.  Unless he’s a health nut himself, try to limit your food posts.

3. Posting All Your Complaints

When all you do is rant and complain all day long, you’ll come across as a negative Nancy.  Everyone has a bad day they need to vent about once in a while, but make sure it’s just once in a while.  If you make it a habit to post complaints, you’re going to scare him away.

First impressions matter (no matter how superficial it seems), and Facebook is the first place he’ll go to find out more about you.  If all you do is post about negative things, you’re going to scare him away.  Getting served the wrong salad at the restaurant or having your manicure can’t compare to the problems of the world.  Make sure you aren’t appealing self-centered and entitled with your Facebook posts.

4. Changing Your Relationship Status Too Early

If you’re considering changing your relationship status on Facebook, take a moment to assess the situation.  How long have you been dating this guy?  Are you exclusive?  Are you sure?  If he has already changed his status, then by all means change yours.  Don’t assume that it’s safe because he’s not on Facebook.  There is always a way for him to find out.  Changing your relationship status too soon might make you look too eager to be in a relationship, which is a major red flag for guys.  Skip the relationship status switch until you talk to him and ensure you’re on the same page.

5. Over-Editing Your Pictures

It looks great when the Kardashians do it, but too much Photoshopping can set you up for embarrassment.  Men love a natural looking woman.  He’s expecting the true you, not a filtered, Photoshopped version that looks nothing like you.  If it doesn’t look like you, don’t do it.  Not only is it a turn off for this new guy, but it can be a joke for all your friends.  Men want to be with a real woman, not a phony, so keep your photos realistic.

Ladies, these five social media activities will have men running for the hills.  If you’re guilty of these social media habits, now you have your reason as to why you can’t secure a relationship.

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