Cherry Hill Matchmakers | 5 Great Signs He’s Husband Material

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Falling in love with someone carries a lot of doubts that we generally cannot answer on our own.  It’s true, love makes people blind, and sometimes we overlook important signs that tell us whether or not our partner is marriage material or not.

You need someone who is standing outside of your relationship to show you what you’re failing to see on your own, important factors that can tell you whether your partner is a winner or a loser.

That’s the purpose of our list.  We want to show you that the guy you’re with is marriage material.  Let our Cherry Hill matchmakers show you five legit signs he’ll make a great husband one day.

1. He’s Kind

A nice body will be lost with time.  Of course, every woman’s dream is to be with a guy who is easy on the eyes.  But keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter how handsome he is if he’s rude or cruel.  On the other hand, a kind heart is something that will last a lifetime.  You need to be able to see beyond the outer shell and focus more on what’s going on inside because that’s how you gauge how beautiful a person truly is.  A kind heart will always mean more than outer beauty.

2. He’s Generous

Many women would love to date a rich man.  But what good is a man if he’s rich and cheap?  He will never take you out on romantic dinners or spoil you like a princess.  You need a man who is generous not just with his money but with his time.  After all, generosity doesn’t always refer to the willingness to spend money.  Does he devote his time to helping those in need?  You need to be with someone who thinks of others and doesn’t mind lending a helping hand.  Generosity is definitely a great quality that lets you know he’s husband material.

3. He’s a Hard Worker

It doesn’t matter if he’s on top of the career ladder or not, if he’s hardworking, then he’s a keeper.  It means he’ll do whatever it takes to go somewhere and achieve great things in life.  If you’re dating a guy who barely gets off the couch, then don’t expect him to be a good husband.  Be careful dating this type of guy because he won’t be a good partner, let alone a good spouse.

4. He’s Supportive

The early stage of the relationship is the honeymoon stage, but things won’t always be sunshine and rainbows.  When life doesn’t go your way, you need someone by your side to hold your hand, someone who can help you and support you through those difficult times.  When you stop believing in yourself, you need someone who believes in you.  Keep your eyes open for a supportive guy because he will make for a great husband who knows how to keep motivated and strong when the going gets tough.

5. He’s Respectful

Most men have a wandering eye.  Whenever they see an attractive woman it’s almost impossible for them not to check her out.  You can let him get away with this one once in a while.  But if he’s doing it all the time and ogling women, then he’s being disrespectful.  If a guy is respectful to you, he will never blatantly check women out in front of you.  But beyond this, he’ll also be respectful of your appearance, feelings, opinion, and personal beliefs.  It’s fundamental to be with a guy who respects everything about you.

So tell us, ladies, how does your guy measure up?  Is he husband material, or are you still searching for the one?

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