Jersey Matchmakers | 6 Annoying Things You Do on First Dates

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Is there anything scarier or more exciting than a first date?  Like many things in life—like getting a job promotion or going on a job interview—going on a first date can make you jump with joy or send you home crying.  If you’ve been single for a long time, or even just a few months, you probably talk to your girlfriends about silly things men do on first dates (and you all have a good time laughing).  It’s no secret that sometimes men can do weird things.  But guess what?  Women are guilty too.  And since you’re only human, sometimes you might do things that can repel men without even realizing it.

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers are going to show you six things you do on first dates that drive men away.  Sorry, but if you’re doing these things, you need to change your ways to achieve your dating goals.

1. You Talk About Your Ex

This is the #1 thing you’re never supposed to do on first dates.  Didn’t you know that?  Apparently you did not get the memo because you find yourself talking about your ex on all of your first dates.  For some reason or another, you find yourself talking about your ex even though you broke up with him six months ago.  This is an annoying habit that turns men off on first dates.  No more talk of exes, ladies.

2. You Leave Him Alone

Of course we know that nature calls and you need to answer, despite being on a date.  But on a date, especially one that isn’t going well, it’s easy to keep excusing yourself to go to the restroom.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to take a break, get a deep breath, and the chance to text your girlfriend for some helpful advice.  But if you keep leaving your date waiting for you, he’s going to get annoyed fast.  Wouldn’t you?

3. You Spend Too Long Reading the Menu

Do you give in to your craving and get that delicious burger you’ve been dreaming about all day?  Do you follow your typical healthy lifestyle and order a healthy salad?  You’re a slow menu reader.  You can’t help it.  Your friends, coworkers, and family are used to it by now.  However, when you’re meeting a man for the first time, this behavior doesn’t fly.  It’s no wonder he’s giving you the eye because he’s wondering what’s going on that it’s taking you so long to order.  Plus, taking so long to order a simple dinner tells a guy you’re very indecisive, and men don’t want to date indecisive women.

4. You Text Your Friends Throughout the Date

There are no phones allowed on first dates.  It’s basically a universal rule everyone knows about.  But if you keep sneakily using your phone under the table and think he doesn’t notice, you’re wrong.  Or worse, if you’re committing the dating sin of breaking your phone out in front of him, then you’re not only being annoying but rude too.  It is very disrespectful to text while on a date, and this is the reason you’re not getting second dates.  Keep the phones away on dates.

5. You Talk About Recent Bad Dates

Everyone goes on bad dates.  No, really, everyone experiences them.  If you’re single and looking for love, bad dates will come to you all the time.  If you complain to your current date about a recent bad date, it’s just weird—not to mention annoying.  It makes you look bad when you talk poorly about others, so stop talking about your terrible date experiences and focus on getting to know the man across from you.

6. You Talk About Reality TV Too Much

Newsflash, ladies!  Men don’t care about reality TV shows… They really don’t.  If you’re going to go on and on about the latest episode of your favorite reality TV show, you’re going to frustrate the guy in front of you.  You know who you can chitchat with that about?  Your gal pals when you get together for happy hour.  Save the latest drama of your favorite reality TV show for ladies’ nights.

These six annoying behaviors are the reason why you’re not getting second dates.  If you want to stop annoying men and increase your chances of getting a second date, it’s time you stop doing these six annoying things on dates.

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