New Jersey Matchmakers | 6 Signs You’re Not Ready for Love


Being single has its perks and downsides, and all of that depends on who you are, your attitude, and your views about dating and relationships.  Of course, you want to find love and have someone to share your life with, but sometimes you find yourself without a partner for longer than you would like be without one.  Now, the question is: is the New Jersey dating scene to blame?

Let’s see.  No matter how hard you try, you’re not meeting quality singles, and unfortunately, sometimes the dating scene (or your approach) is to blame for this unwanted single status.  But sometimes, your single status might not have anything to do with the dating scene and everything to do with you.

So how do you know where you stand?  How do you know if you’re single because of something you’re doing wrong?  Or what if you’re single because you’re not ready to welcome love into your life?

Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will reveal the telltale signs you’re not ready for a committed relationship.

1. You Feel Entitled

You think you own the world and everything in it.  You want so much more than you have, whether it’s a luxury condo, a nice car, a better job, etc.  You think you should be promoted to the top, or you believe you deserve to be running your own company in the next few years.  You feel you deserve nothing but designer clothes and fancy jewelry.

If you feel entitled and feel like the world owes you everything, a relationship included, we’re sorry to break it to you, but that’s not how it works.  You need to be humble and modest for love to find you.  If you show entitlement in any way, shape, or form, then you’re going to be single forever.

2. You’re Always Miserable

You hate your life and everything about it.  Your job isn’t like the dream job you imagined it would be.  Your condo is small.  Your roommate is terrible.  Your friends are all in relationships.  You feel like you’re the only single one left in your social circle.  If you’re always miserable and depressed, your chances of finding love in NJ will decrease by 100%.  Why?  Because no one in the world wants to be with a miserable person.

You attract the energy you put out.  So if you’re happy, then you’re going to attract happy people.  If you spend your first dates complaining about life and everything about it, you’re not ready for a relationship, and all your dates easily pick up on that.

3. You Don’t Have Fun

Your life revolves around work 24/7.  All work, no play.  You don’t know how to have fun.  More than that, you refuse to listen to your friends and always shut down their invitations.  You turn down work parties, friends’ events, get togethers, and happy hours.  When you do accept an invitation, all you do is talk about work the whole time.

No one in the world wants to end up with a partner whose mind is consumed by work 24/7.  As ambitious as you might be, you need to put your career aside for a little time out of your day if you expect to find love.

Sure, you deserve to be happy and successful, and work is very important, but if you can’t stop talking about it when you’re supposed to be enjoying a social setting, you’re going to be single forever.  Although most people want a career-driven partner, take it from us, most people see a workaholic as an undesirable partner.  After all, nobody wants to fight for their partner’s attention all the time.

4. You’re Obsessed with Your Ex

Ugh, this is the worst thing that can happen to you.  If you’re obsessed with your ex, then you have zero business dating.  As they say, you can’t find love unless you’re healed from your previous relationship.  Dating when you’re not ready is not fair to you or to your new partner.  You need to give yourself time to mourn the loss of your ex and really take some time to work on yourself.

You would hate it if the new person you were dating was using you to get over their ex, right?  Exactly, so don’t do it to anyone else.  Don’t be that awful person who talks about their ex on a first date.  Just don’t do it.

5. You Need to Work on Yourself

Okay, so no one in the world is perfect.  Life is one big lesson, and we’re always learning and growing.  If you neglect dating because you’re waiting for your life to be absolutely perfect, you’re going to miss your chances at love.  Not even Hollywood celebrities are perfect, so snap out of it.

If something is off in your life, like not liking your job, your place, or your body, you can work on those things while dating.  Staying single is okay as long as you’re working on improving yourself.  But our New Jersey matchmakers are here to help you realize that you can work on yourself and date at the same time.  Don’t allow yourself to think you need to be perfect in order to find love.

6. You Don’t Like Dating

Sure, you’re not in the mood for another disastrous first date.  Heck, you’re not even in the mood to make small talk with a stranger.  Dating in New Jersey can be time-consuming and frustrating, and no matter how many times people tell you that you’ll never know what is out there unless you put yourself out there, the NJ dating scene can suck the life out of you.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like dating anymore.

If you hate dating right now, that’s a sure sign that you need to stay single for a little bit longer.  You’re not doing yourself or the people you date any favors by going on dates with a negative attitude.  You won’t give anyone a real shot because your mind isn’t in it.

You can’t love someone unless you truly love yourself.  If you need to take some time away from dating to work on yourself and become the best person you can be, then by all means take some time away from dating.  When you’re ready to reenter the NJ dating scene, our New Jersey matchmakers will be here to help you out.

We know how difficult dating in NJ can be, but we’re here to make your dating life easier.  To start meeting relationship-minded singles in New Jersey, fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page and request your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today.