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It’s good to have standards in life.  Imagine how life would be if we did not have standards.  But there is a difference between knowing what’s good for you and taking it to the extreme and being too picky.  You know there is no such thing as a perfect person.  Everyone has their own flaws and imperfections, yet it’s easy to assume there is a perfect person out there who is going to come along and sweep you off your feet.  It’s wishful thinking, but as Cherry Hill matchmaking experts, we want you to realize there are no perfect people and no such thing as perfect relationships.

If you have been single for a while and don’t know why, you might be to blame.  Your high dating standards might be getting in the way of finding love.  Today, our dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers are going to show you the signs your dating standards are through the roof.

1. Your List of Deal Breakers Is Never-Ending

Everyone is entitled to having some deal breakers, like not wanting to date someone who “just got out of prison,” or “doesn’t have a job.”  But we’re not talking about those.  We’re talking about deal breakers, like “wears the wrong shoes” or “laughs funny.”  You know, petty things.  It’s easy to understand why some things might annoy you, but if you’re skipping over people because of little things, you definitely have too high of standards.

Maybe they are a great person but have a funny laugh.  Or maybe they are kind and caring but don’t know how to dress well.  You are skipping over great candidates and limiting yourself because your list of deal breakers is just too long.  As matchmakers, we want you to focus on the big stuff and let go of the little things.

2. Everyone Says You’re Too Picky

Are your best friends and coworkers pointing out that you’re too picky when it comes to dating?  Then the truth is right in front of you.  They would never say that if they didn’t think you were picky.

Meeting new people is fun and interesting and doesn’t take anything away from you or make you feel like less of a person.  You can’t expect to find a happily ever after unless you give people a chance.  If people are starting to point out that you’re just too picky, it might be time to change your ways.

3. You Won’t Date Someone Unless They Have a Certain Job

It’s understandable that you don’t want to date anyone who is too far outside your comfort level.  But you can’t skip candidates based on their job title.  Maye they are a car salesman and work as a cashier at night.  Or maybe they were just hired by a big business and are starting from the bottom.

Judging someone based on their job title says more about you than what it says about them.  Judging someone based on their job is preventing you from finding love because they could be a great person who just doesn’t fit your career standards at the moment.

4. You Compare Everyone to Your Ex

It’s nearly impossible not to make comparisons to past relationships, but if you hold your ex on a pedestal and measure everyone against them, then you might be too picky.  Your ex wasn’t that great to begin with or the two of you would still be together.  They just feel like a safe measurement tool in your head.

You should never settle for a downgrade, but you need to understand that everyone in the world is different.  You need to stop comparing your dates to your ex because this will cause many problems in your romantic life.  If you already decided your ex is the best partner in the world, you’re saying no one else will ever do for you.

5. You Have a Strict Type

It’s okay to have a type, but if you never date outside your type and everyone you date looks the same, then the truth is that you might be too picky in your dating life.  As matchmakers, we know that when someone dates the same type over and over again, it usually means they are afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone.  If you continue to date clones over and over again, you’re limiting your chances to find love.

Think about this for a minute: why would it be weird to date someone who has a different hair or eye color than the men or women you’re used to dating?  Is it because you’re afraid?  Our Cherry Hill matchmaking experts always encourage clients to ditch their type and date outside their comfort zone.  Try being a little more open-minded and you’ll be surprised as to how much your dating life changes.

6. Little Things Scare You

Are you scared away by someone’s oddly shaped toe?  Are you terrified of bad jokes?  Does a bald head turn you off?  Yes, those things can be a little intimidating, but what do they have to do with the total package?  If someone is otherwise amazing and treats you right, you can get over the big toe, the bad jokes, and the bald head.  If not, then you already know your standards are too high.

If you’re seeking someone who is head-to-toe perfection (literally), you’re going to be single forever.  You might be able to find someone who comes close, but what about the way they treat you?  Keep in mind that what matters is on the inside, not the outside, so stop getting distracted by the little things.

Are your high dating standards preventing you from finding love in New Jersey?  If so, contact our Cherry Hill matchmaking experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers and let us help you evaluate your expectations and help you overcome your dating fears.

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