Mt. Laurel Matchmakers Reveal the Top 7 Signs He’s Cheating

No matter how stealthy a man thinks he is, there are always telltale signs in his actions.  However, when it comes to cheating, sometimes there are some not so obvious signs you need to keep an eye for.  Some men are very slick, which makes it very difficult for women to catch them.  If you want to catch him, you need to look past the obvious.  Today, our Mt. Laurel matchmakers are going to show you a few subtle signs that mean he could be cheating on you.

We want you to make a checklist of all these behaviors and check them off one by one as you investigate his behaviors.  If you have the gut feeling something is up, listen to it because you might be right.

1. He is accusing you of cheating.

Usually when a guy is up to something that he shouldn’t be doing, he will turn the tables.  So if he’s started accusing you of cheating and you’ve never done anything to deserve it, then he might be guilty of cheating.  Your boyfriend is deflecting the blame and putting it on you.

Don’t let him accuse you like that.  Start doing a little investigation and get to the bottom of it all.  You know that you’re always faithful and have never given him a reason to act this way, and that’s how you know something is up.

2. He doesn’t check his phone.

He thinks he’s slick, right?  It’s pretty obvious if your man is getting calls all the time and tries to play them off as though they’re work-related.  However, he might be taking a different approach here and turning his cell phone off or putting it on airplane mode so it seems like he’s not getting any calls or messages all day long.

The next time he leaves his phone on the table, check it out and see if it’s on.  Now, we aren’t saying you should go through his phone, but you can simply see if it’s on or if it’s on airplane mode.  If the phone is off or on airplane mode, then it’s obvious he’s hiding something.

3. He’s being super nice.

If your boyfriend is acting a little too nice, he might be doing it out of guilt.  After all, he does have a conscious.  He is feeling dirty for whatever he is doing behind your back.  There are plenty of reasons to feel suspicious if your boyfriend is being super nice lately and you’ve never seem him act this way.  Don’t fall for the act.  If you already have that gut feeling something is up, listen to your intuition.

Try to see through the act and catch him in the lies.  It’s only a matter of time before you catch him cheating, so don’t fall for his Romeo act.

4. He doesn’t take you around his friends.

While the two of you are out on the town, you run into a few of his friends that you never met before.  You expect to be introduced but aren’t.  In fact, you can’t remember the last time he took you around his friends.  His friends know a lot about you and probably know that he is cheating on you, which is his reason for not wanting to bring you around.  If he looks more shocked than happy when you run into his friends, then you know he’s hiding something from you.

5. He doesn’t show you any love now.

The two of you are known for being that lovey dovey couple everyone is envious of.  He has always been one to show his love and affection for you.  You made all your friends on social media feel nauseated by the constant love you posted on line.  But things aren’t like that lately.  He doesn’t even say those words anymore.

Your boyfriend might be warming up to another woman since he’s no longer showing you love and affection.  The new woman is probably hearing those magic words that you haven’t heard in weeks or months.  It’s a hard truth to accept but you have to accept it now so you can finally move on.

6. He doesn’t make future plans with you.

There was a time when the two of you were inseparable, like Batman and Robin.  You should spend every day together and make plans for the upcoming weekend.  If it seems like you’re not spending much time together now and rarely making plans for the future, it might be because his schedule is always booked by his new woman.  He is not making plans with you because he’s making them with her.

To catch him in the act, try to set up multiple dates in advance and see what he says.  If he acts as though he already knows he’s going to be busy, don’t let him get off that easy.  Do a little digging and ask him what he is doing on those days.  If he gives you a reasonable alibi, suggest another day and see how he responds to that.  If he has a long lineup of excuses, you know where you stand.

7. He always cancels plans on you.

So you finally got him to commit to a date and are looking forward to spending time together.  But what happens when Saturday night rolls around?  He cancels on you.  Seems fishy, right?  Check his excuses every time he cancels so you can catch him in a lie.  He is most likely going to slip here or there and forget what he originally told you.

How many of these warning signs do you recognize in your guy lately?  Do you think he is cheating on you?  If he is, you need to walk away.  You deserve to be with a man who would never think about cheating on you.

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