New Jersey Dating Service Reveals 6 Signs He’s the Real Deal

A woman’s life becomes more meaningful and precious when she enters a relationship with a great boyfriend.  Being a keeper means he’s worthy enough to be by your side for a long-term relationship (hopefully a lifetime).  However, finding a keeper in today’s dating scene is very hard.  So in order to know you landed yourself the real deal in love, you need to assess your guy and his everyday actions.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs, but once you’re dating a keeper, the downs will be like a walk in the park.  Sure, you might argue some days, but the important thing is that the two of you get through everything in life together.  To find out if you found yourself the real deal, our New Jersey dating service wants you to keep an eye for the following things.

1. He will support your decisions.

As matchmakers, we know there is no couple in the world who can agree on everything.  Hey, that’s just completely unheard of.  Couples argue every day over a million things, including little things, such as what to eat for dinner.  However, your boyfriend supports your decisions and calmly discusses everything with you, even if he doesn’t agree.  He might provide his opinion and give you his input, but he trusts you enough to let you make your own decisions.

He listens to you complain about your pursuit for that promotion but does his best to keep you motivated, even though you’re putting in more hours at work, which means less time for him.

2. He really tries.

No one is perfect, and we can’t emphasize this enough.  No one has the perfect body, personality, or the world’s best job with no stress.  Everyone is bound to feel a little stressed from time to time—we all do.  But your man gets an A for his efforts.  Even though he hates romantic comedies, he sits through your favorite rom-com with you when you’re having a bad day.  He occasionally ditches guys’ nights out to spend quality time at home with you.  He gets you flowers for no special occasion.  Now that’s the real deal right there.

There is nothing more important for a woman than a man who tries in a relationship, someone who believes that you’re worth all the efforts and who will stop at nothing to make you happy.  He doesn’t just ask you questions because he’s expected to but because he truly wants to learn more about you and hear about your day.

3. He helps without being asked.

You’re a strong and independent woman, just like Beyoncé once said.  But everyone, even the strongest women, need help sometimes.  The fact is, sometimes women can be just as stubborn as men who refuse to ask someone for directions, even when they’ve been lost for 45 minutes.  If you’re struggling to carry all those grocery bags from the car on the parking lot full of ice, he runs to the car to help you.  The real deal will be by your side without being asked.  He will politely and kindly carry those heavy bags for you.  He will also notice when you’re feeling chilly and offer his jacket.  He will do an array of everyday things that shows his genuine love for you.

4. He makes you laugh like no other.

Okay, we get it.  This one might be a little cliché, right?  But what do we know about laughter?  It is the best medicine.  Most women will date someone who is a 6 or 7 who can make them laugh over a 9 or 10 who can’t, and that’s because sense of humor plays a huge part in attraction.  Dating a supermodel with no personality will get old very quickly.  Laughing releases feel good endorphins that will make you happy and make you enjoy the time you spend together.

If you found the real deal, a boyfriend who is a keeper, he will most likely make you laugh all the time because he loves to see you smile, especially on bad days.

5. He takes feedback and criticism well.

Every woman knows that confidence is attractive, which is the reason many women fall for cocky men.  At what point does it cross the line, though?  If your boyfriend thinks he’s God’s gift to women, then you know he’s not the one and need to kick him to the curb.  On the other hand, if your man is a little bit more modest and knows he’s nowhere near perfect yet still embraces himself and his life, then you landed yourself a keeper.

You are comfortable talking to each other and can tell one another anything that is bothering you.  He listens with an open mind and doesn’t jump down your throat in a defensive stance.  He wants to become the best man he can be.  He wants to be in the relationship and will do whatever it takes, even if it means enduring your productive criticisms that can tend to be a bit harsh.

6. He makes time for you—just the two of you.

Some would say that you don’t have to make time for your partner when you already live together, while others will disagree about this.  But here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we know you ALWAYS have to make time for your partner—no matter how long you’ve been together and regardless if you live together.

Is Netflix and pizza or Chinese take-out an acceptable weekly date night idea?  Does it count as date nights when your friends or family are there?  Absolutely not, and your man knows this and puts in the efforts to spend QT with you.

When you’re in a relationship with the real deal—a keeper—his cousin will not be popping up at the dinner table, his best friends won’t show up at your door, and date nights aren’t about Netflix and pizza all the time.  Your man ensures there is plenty of quality time together, one-on-one time in romantic settings.  He still thinks you’re the best woman in his world, and despite being together for a long time, still treats you like he did during the early stages of the relationship.

So how does your boyfriend measure up?  Is he the real deal, or are you still searching for the one?

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