Glassboro Matchmakers Reveal 6 Signs He’s Afraid to Commit

There’s no doubt that relationships are complicated.  It’s difficult to go on endless awful dates where you know within the first five minutes that you’re not a compatible with them.  It’s difficult to merge your life with someone after you’ve been single for a very long time.  As professional matchmakers, we know there are wonderful parts of dating, along with challenging parts, but sometimes it’s just too much for some men.

Sure, men want to find a cool woman to date and settle down with.  However, for the most part, the whole idea of being committed to one woman can send men running for the hills.  Some men are absolutely terrified of commitment, no matter how much they are into a woman.  You are his girlfriend, not his psychologist, so it’s not your job to figure out why he is like this.  All you can do is recognize the signs that you’re dating a man who is afraid of commitment so you know what you have on your hands.  Perhaps you want to wait a little and see if he changes his ways, or maybe you need to cut him loose and save yourself the energy and heartache.

Today, our Glassboro matchmakers will reveal the warning signs he’s terrified of commitment.  If you notice a few of these signs with your man, it’s time to cut him loose and find someone whose future goals align with yours.

1. He’s Never Had a Long-Term Relationship

If you’re dating a man who doesn’t have a mile-long list of past girlfriends, that’s okay.  However, if the man you’re dating doesn’t even have one serious ex, then you have a problem.  That might be a sign he’s afraid of commitment.  Sure, sometimes you know right away if a relationship isn’t going to work out, and some people might not enter a relationship until they know they are the one for them.

However, if your man has an endless string of short-term relationships in his dating history, then you need to worry.  Do a little digging and find out why his past relationships only lasted a few weeks.  If he gives you nothing but excuses, then that’s probably because he’s afraid of commitment.  You don’t want to overlook this one, ladies.

2. He Loves the Chase

For whatever reason, men are pre-programmed to love the chase.  It’s something that goes back to the caveman days.  Men love nothing more than picking out attractive women everywhere they go.  They love walking up to a beautiful woman, talking to her, and getting her digits.  Men love the early stages of the relationship where everything is fresh and exciting.  However, our Glassboro matchmakers know that when things get comfortable, that’s when a lot of men lose interest.

Sure, your partner might still make your heart beat fast when you see them, but the excitement you once had in the beginning is no longer there.  You are no longer on the edge of your seat wondering if he’s going to call you or text you.  For most people that’s the ultimate goal, but for a man who is afraid of commitment, that’s the last thing he wants.  That’s when the relationship gets too real for them.

3. He Doesn’t Like Being Tied Down

When you want to find out if the man you’re seeing is afraid of commitment, you can look for signs outside of the relationship to get your answer.  Just take a closer look at the way he lives and how he handles being tied down.  Does he continue to pay rent, not because he can’t afford it, but because he likes to switch condos every year?  Does he lease cars every year, not because he can’t afford to buy one, but because he likes to get the newest model every year?  Does he avoid making big purchases because he doesn’t want it to weigh on his freedom?  Well, those are all clear signs that’s he’s afraid of commitment.

Commitment and settling down comes with many benefits, but there are also real facts that you’re essentially blending your life with someone else.  For some men, this is just too much.

4. He’s the Most Charming Man in the World

Just because he’s afraid of commitment doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy your company.  Commitment-phobes go on dates just like any other men.  They like the early stages more.  A man who is afraid of commitment will often be one of the most charming men out there.

He has developed a system over the years that helps him land the woman he wants with his charming ways.  However, the moment things start to head into serious relationship territory, that’s when he will walk away.

5. He Gives You Mixed Signals

We said it before and we’ll say it again: a man who has a history of being afraid of commitment has a tried and true system that works when it comes to landing a woman.  He knows exactly what to do to keep a woman interested and happy, just enough to get her to stick around without having to do meaningful and romantic gestures.

You might find things are going great one week, while he pulls back and disappears the next.  No, this doesn’t mean you did something wrong here.  This is just the way he works.  He is pulling away from you because things are getting too comfortable.  He likes you and wants to keep you on the hook, but as soon as things start getting too serious, he pulls away.

6. Everything Is Always Last-Minute

When you first started seeing each other, getting a call from him telling you to get ready ASAP because he was taking you out to a new lounge in town was exciting.  He is sexy, spontaneous, and plans things at a moment’s notice.  What’s a woman not to like about that?  A lot of times when a man is spur-of-the-moment, it means his other plans have fallen through.

If he initially told you that he was too busy to hang out with you on Friday but texts you last-minute to hang out, chances are the plans with his friends failed, and you’re his second option.  While every now and then a last-minute date can be fun and exciting, our Glassboro matchmakers know you shouldn’t settle for being his second option.  This shows that you’re not a priority in his life, and that’s not the kind of partner you want.

How many of these signs do you see in your man?  Do you think he’s afraid of commitment?

If after reading this article you discover that he was, in fact, afraid of commitment, and you decided to put an end to the relationship, contact our Glassboro matchmakers and let us introduce you to commitment-minded men who are looking for love, just like you.  To start meeting relationship-ready men in New Jersey, fill out the private survey at the top of the page and reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!