Why Single Women in Cherry Hill Shouldn’t Date a Mama’s Boy

There are many reasons why women should date a mama’s boy, but there are double the reasons why they shouldn’t date one.  Sure, he might be in-tune with his emotions, have a sensitive side, and be caring, but dating a mama’s boy will bring a lot of problems to the relationship that a lot of single women in Cherry Hill don’t know about until it’s too late.  Don’t believe us?  Ask anyone who is dating one!

As the top matchmakers in New Jersey, we’re not going to say that mama’s boys aren’t good men.  We’re simply here to let you know the troubles you’re in for when you date one.  When you date a man who puts his mother first all the time, there will be tension and issues in the relationship.  For starters, you’ll be put on the backburner, he’ll always make comparisons, and she’ll always be in your business.

So we warn you to proceed with caution and check out the list we’re about to reveal.  We want you to think twice before you date a mama’s boy.

1. He’s Always Making Comparisons

It’s already bad enough that he has a lot of girlfriends he compares you to, but he’s now comparing you to his mother, too.  From the little things to the most complex tasks, he’s always going to praise his mother, and she comes up better than you.  That burger you made him on Saturday night, guess who does it better?  His mother.  You forgot to put mayo on the side, but guess who never forgets?  His mother.  See where we’re going with this?

To a mama’s boy, his mother is incapable of doing anything wrong.  However, you always come up short.  Imagine having to deal with this for the remainder of your relationship.  How long can you really put up with this kind of treatment?

2. His Mom Always Has the Last Say

When you’re dating a mama’s boy, the final decision isn’t yours, nor his—it’s his mother’s.  Oh, yeah, this is even true when it comes to your relationship.  Even if the issue has nothing to do with her, he will incorporate her into it and get her opinion.  Whether it’s an argument you’re having or deciding where to go for an upcoming vacation, he always consults with his mother.

Can you really enjoy being in a relationship with someone who has to run to someone else to get an opinion?  If you can, then dating a mama’s boy won’t faze you.  But if you’re like most women, you won’t have any part in that.  How can you really have a relationship when all your personal stuff isn’t personal because it’s shared with his mother?

3. You Can’t Vacation without Her

If you’re dreaming of going to an exotic island with your partner, it probably won’t be possible with a mama’s boy.  In your previous relationships, you might have jumped on a plane and gone to exotic destinations without thinking twice.  But when you date a mama’s boy, going on vacation is a nightmare.  You might make reservations to a romantic getaway for two, when suddenly tells you his mom is coming along because she’s been dying to go there, too.

You read that right.  Mama’s boys will always incorporate their mothers into their plans.  From date nights to vacations, they’ll always drag their mom along.  Can you really put up with his mother meddling in your business when you’re supposed to be on a romantic vacation for two?  Welcome to the life of dating a mama’s boy.

4. He Has Her on Speed Dial

If you’re dating a mama’s boy, you’ll notice that he can’t go a day without talking to her on the phone.  In fact, you notice that he’s always on the phone talking to his mom, sending her text messages, face chatting, or reading her emails.  Even when she is not physically present, she will make her presence known through communication.  If you’re like most women, you’ll find this very irritating because you’ll always have to compete with her for his time and attention.

You want to sit down and relax after a long day at work but can’t because he has to be on the phone with his mother talking about her day.  Are you sure this is the type of relationship you want?  Ladies, you deserve a man who gives you his undivided attention.  Sure, it’s nice that he’s in communication with his mother because it shows he cares.  But he needs to learn where to draw the line.

5. You’ll Always Be Competing for His Affection

There is no denying that the bond between mother and son is unbreakable, perhaps the strongest in the world.  But the bond between a mama’s boy and his mother can be downright creepy.  If you have to fight for your man’s attention whenever his mother is around, then you have a problem on your hands.

A mama’s boy loves to be spoiled, pampered, kissed, and hugged, and that’s completely acceptable, but if you can’t even get a hug when his mother is around because she won’t leave his side, then that is not the type of relationship you want.

You will forever have to compete with his mother, not only for attention but for affection, too.  Is this something you want to deal with long-term?  Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who you have to fight for their attention?  Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you date a mama’s boy.  Oh, and get prepared for the meanest look you ever received in your life when he gives you more attention than he gives her.

Do you really want to date a mama’s boy who puts his mother before you?  We don’t think so.  If you are one of the many single women in Cherry Hill who is looking for love, our expert matchmakers can introduce you to men who are not mama’s boys.  Of course they respect their mothers and love them to death, because every man should, but they will not put them before you and make you compete all the time.

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