Jersey Dating Service | 6 Ultimate 1st Date Tips for Success

First dates are both terrifying and awesome, aren’t they?  You are supposed to be very excited about meeting someone new and hope you can create a connection with them.  You’re looking forward to going somewhere and having a romantic time with someone new.  But what happens when you are too overwhelmed and let the jitters get the best of you?  You make mistakes.  But don’t worry, because our New Jersey dating experts here at South Jersey Matchmakers coach clients on a daily basis and help them prep for success on first dates, and today we’re going to do the same for you.

What if we told you that first dates were actually easy and that making a good first impression wasn’t that hard?  What if we told you that you shouldn’t worry because we got your back?  No, really, we do.

So if you have a first date in the future, do not worry, because our expert matchmakers are going to give you the best first date tips you’ve ever read online; in fact, these are our matchmaking secrets for first date success!

1. Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

This can be very difficult, especially if your date has chosen the venue and you don’t know where you’re going.  If they are planning something romantic, you need to ask them to give you the heads up as to what to wear.  You don’t have to ask them all the details, just try to get an idea of what you should wear.  The last thing you want to do is show up for a walk in the park wearing a skirt and high heels or show up in a fancy dress for a picnic at the beach.

Remember that less is always more.  If you are going out for drinks and dinner, wear something comfortable, and don’t show too much skin.  It is always good to save something for his imagination by only showing one part of your body at a time.  Never show legs, bum, and boobs all at once.  You need to give him just enough to keep him wanting more.

2. Keep Your Cell Phone Away

We tell our clients every time they go on an introduction to put their cell phones away.  How can you possibly get to know someone if you’re constantly checking your phone, replying to text messages, and uploading pictures to Instagram?  You can’t!  If he asked you on a date, it means he wants to spend quality time with you, so it’s disrespectful for you to be on your phone.

When your parents dated back in the day, they didn’t have mobile devices, which allowed them to talk and get to know each other, and that’s exactly what you need to do.

If you’re struggling with keeping the conversation going, then that might be a sign you’re not compatible or one or both of you is feeling nervous.  But don’t be one of those rude women who pulls out her phone in the middle of the date.  Nothing is that important unless you’re a doctor on-call.  Your Instagram and Facebook accounts can wait until the date is over.

3. Be Decisive

As a woman, you might like the man to take the lead.  It shows you that he is an alpha male who is worthy of you.  Even if you’re a feminist, you should always let him take the lead for the first date.

However, if you are already on a date and he asks for your opinion about a certain place he wants to check out, or a certain style of cuisine, don’t say “You pick” or “I don’t mind.”  Instead, take the lead and offer your opinion.  This won’t make you look overbearing or high maintenance; instead, it show him that you’re not afraid to share your opinion.

Men love a woman who is confident and secure in herself.  It is sexy that you have your own voice and speak it.  It also shows him that you know how to make your own decisions and don’t need anyone to make decisions for you.

4. Ask Questions & Truly Listen to Him

As the leading New Jersey dating service, we know that people love talking about themselves… even you.  When you’re on a date, you want to show your best cards, and he wants to do the same.  He is most likely going to want to share everything about his life, so go ahead and ask him questions and truly listen.

Definitely talk about yourself, as he needs to get to know you, too.  But you must also ask him questions, as well.  You should be talking 50% and asking questions the other 50%.

Go with the flow of the conversation, but also remember to be a little strategic with the questions you ask him.  Your #1 goal for your first date is to get to know him, and the only way you can do that is by asking him questions.  Just remember not to rattle them off like a job interview.  Yikes!

5. Allow Him to Take the Lead

As we mentioned earlier in the article, we firmly believe that men should take the lead when it comes to first dates.  If you are like most women, you probably appreciate the efforts and dedication a guy puts into the first date.  It shows that he is secure in himself and knows how to treat a woman right.  Don’t you just hate it when a man shows up to your house and asks you what you want to do now because he didn’t have anything planned? Ugh.

If you are sick and tired of dating indecisive men, then you’ll find men who take the lead to be very special and charming.  Aside from being masculine, it also gives them an opportunity to impress you.  So let him take the lead, no matter how much of a feminist you are.

6. Smile

A smile can transform your entire date.  No one wants to go out with a woman who wears a frown on her face or one that doesn’t know how to have a good time.  Maybe you don’t like the gap in your teeth, or maybe you don’t like the dimples you get when you smile, maybe you’re not a natural born smiler, but it doesn’t matter.  A genuine smile will set the tone for the date and make him feel more comfortable with you.  It gives guys a good vibe and shows that you are cheerful and ready to have a good time.

A great body will do wonders, but you also need to have a beautiful smile to match; otherwise, you won’t get very far.  It is your looks that will draw him in but your personality that will make him stay.

If you have a first date coming up, don’t panic or worry.  Simply follow these tips from our Jersey dating service and be ready to have a successful first date.  As professional matchmakers, we’ve sent thousands of singles in New Jersey out on first dates and introductions, so we know a thing or two about first dates.

If your first dates are leading nowhere, despite putting in your best efforts, then it might be time to hire a professional matchmaker.  Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we work with single women like yourself every day.  If you are ready to find love, simply fill out the survey on our homepage and start meeting relationship-minded men who are compatible with you today.