Jersey Matchmaking Service Releases the Best Breakup Guide

Whether you anticipated it or it came out of nowhere, a breakup is very painful.  Breakups bring out a bunch of different feelings, damage your self-esteem, and cause emotional trauma that’s not easy to get over.  As professional matchmakers, we know the impact a breakup can have on anyone—man or woman.

Regardless of how painful they are, breakups can teach you many different things.  Your breakup could teach you to become more trusting, to learn how to communicate better, or to learn how to listen and compromise.  As the leading New Jersey matchmaking service, we’re here to help you deal with your painful breakup.  Today, our expert matchmakers are releasing the ultimate breakup guide to help you and all those suffering from a broken heart to handle a breakup and take valuable lessons away from it.  Here’s everything you can expect through your breakup.

1. There Will Be a Lot of Tears

Your breakup is going to bring a waterfall of tears.  Do not hold back those tears or allow yourself to feel bad for letting them loose.  Everyone goes through the same thing.  Right now you’re feeling hurt and angry, disappointed and let down, so let those emotions come out so you can feel cleansed from the inside out.

You might cry at the strangest things and at the weirdest times.  The tears can come on while watching a movie, while driving to work, or while talking with friends at lunch.  Try to figure out why you’re crying.  Is it because you miss your ex, or did something remind you of them?  How do you feel?  Don’t fight those tears.

2. There’s Going to Be a Lot of Pain

As professional matchmakers, we know your heart is in a lot of pain right now.  Your heart and mind will suffer, but your body will feel tired and lethargic, too.  Breakups are very stressful and can make even the strongest person feel weak.  Some people experience migraines, while others are just too lethargic to move.  Let’s be honest, you might literally feel like your ran a marathon at one point.

Don’t turn to anything harmful to alleviate the pain.  Learn to recognize where it’s coming from so you can combat it and deal with it.  For some people, some movies and songs are the triggers, while others feel the stress from books or restaurants.  Figure out what triggers your pain so you can avoid it—at least for the time being.

3. To Lose or To Gain?

When we’re feeling stress and heartache, it’s not uncommon to lose or gain a few pounds, so this is something to watch for during a breakup.  You could lose a few pounds while experiencing a painful breakup, or maybe even gain a few.  Some people turn to junk good and stop their usually exercise routines, causing them to put on a few pounds, while others lose their appetite, along with a few pounds.  As dating coaches, we encourage you to try your best not to let the scales tip in either direction.  Now is the time to be taking extra great care of yourself.

Are you really going to be happy eating two pints of ice-cream or ordering pizza every day of the week?  Not only is it unhealthy, but you’ll feel more depressed afterwards.  As hard as it might be at first, we want you to be active and conscious of your health.  Instead of turning to unhealthy foods, make sure you’re fueling your body with healthy foods and regular exercise.  Exercise is a fabulous way to produce feel good hormones and keep yourself healthy.

4. One Door Closes & Another Opens

One door in your life has closed, but another has opened.  The universe knows what it’s doing, and better things await you ahead.  Don’t fool yourself into believing that there is nothing else for you in the future.

Your ex is in the past.  The relationship didn’t work out for a reason.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to get back with them.  Don’t force that door to stay open when it’s meant to be closed.  Walk away and embrace that new door.  Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we can introduce you to compatible singles who are ready to settle down.  We have awesome singles who are waiting for you behind that door, but not until you heal from this breakup.  This is why it’s so important you maintain a healthy and productive life to ensure you don’t fall into unhealthy habits.

5. Good Company Is Essential

Surround yourself with good company during this difficult time; after all, the people you love can help you through anything.  Whether it’s your friends and family or even coworkers, don’t shy away from people that care about you.  Spend time with anyone that makes you feel good.  You need support right now, and that support can come in all shapes and sizes.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend or family member and tell them that you need support.  Plan a lovely evening together on the town or invite them over to your place.  This is not the time to be shy or to lock yourself up alone at home.  This is the time you need to reach out to those who love and care for you.

6. Control Your Mind

Your mind is going to run, and it’s going to run wild.  It will drive you crazy unless you know how to control it, and you have to control it.  If you want to heal properly, you need to control your mind.  Don’t start imagining your ex with someone else, don’t wonder about the what ifs, and who cares if your ex is already dating someone new?  Let your ex live their life while you move on with yours.

As the leading New Jersey matchmaking service, we advise you never to let your ex dominate your life, because it will be a waste of your time.  If you want to use your imagination, do productive things.  Here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we not only want to see people happy in loving relationships, but we also want to help them heal from their breakups and find happiness on their own.  We hope these expert tips help you heal and move on so you can find the happiness and love you deserve.

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